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SIM800L GSM Module with Microphone and Headphone Jack - M5Stack

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Price €11.00

The SIM800L is a telephone module, SIM800L integrated, a GSM/GPRS module, compatible only with 2G network. If you want to integrate a phone module into your design with Voice, Text and SMS, this hand solder module is great!

Joystick 2 Buttons for M5StickC - M5Stack JoyC

In Stock
Price €28.41

JoyC is a Joystick Module designed for the M5StickC. Supports two-handed operation. The main control chip is STM32F030F4, it uses the I2C communication protocol and the M5StickC host for data transmission. The joystick range is from 0 to 200, includes 12 RGB LEDs, and the bottom of the joystick contains 16340 battery holder.

Pir Sensor Unit (AS312) - M5Stack Unit Pir

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Price €0.00

The Pir is used to measure the Infrared (IR) Light that radiates from objects in its field of view. Pir Sensors are usually called simply "Pir", or sometimes "Pid", for "Passive Infrared Detector". The term passive refers to the fact that Pir devices do not radiate energy for the purpose of detection. They work entirely by detecting infrared radiation emitted or reflected by objects.

This unit communicates with the M5Core through Grove B.

Warning: This Unit has a 2 Second Delay.

Kit 8 Environment Sensors - M5Stack Env Kit

In Stock
Price €39.78

The 8 Environment Sensors Kit, M5Stack Env Kit, includes the 8 Earth, Angle, Pir, Hub, Light, Rgb, Ir and Env Sensors.

Mini Heart Rate Sensor (MAX30100) - M5Stack Heart

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Price €14.21

The MAX30100 is a complete solution of Pulse Oximetry System and Heart Rate Sensor. The MAX30100 provides a very small solution without sacrificing optical or electrical performance.

Color Sensor Module RGB (TCS3472) - M5Stack Color

In Stock
Price €11.37

Color is a Light to Digital Color Converter with IR Filter. The TCS3472 Device provides a digital red, green, blue (RGB) return and sharp light detection values. An infrared blocking filter, integrated in the chip and located in the color-sensing photodiodes, minimizes the infrared spectral component of the received light and allows color measurements to be made accurately.

This unit communicates with the M5Core through the Grove (I2C) port. The address is 0x29.

Soil Moisture Sensor Unit - M5Stack Earth

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Price €5.72

The Earth Unit is a Sensor for measuring Humidity in Soil or Similar Materials. The Soil Moisture Sensor is quite simple to use. The two large stake-type sensors act as probes for the sensor, acting together as a variable resistance. The higher the moisture in the soil, the better the conductivity between the two, so that the sensor results in less resistance and higher GIS output.

You can read the moisture in the soil through ADC. Within this unit, there is an extra potentiometer to change the measurement range.

Loudspeaker Module (PAM8303) for M5StickC - M5Stack Spk

In Stock
Price €6.58

Hat SPK is an M5StickC compatible Loudspeaker with integrated PAM8303 Amplifier (Single Channel 3W Type D Power Amplifier), with a High PSRR that eliminates noise and RF interference.

Mini Gps/Bds Unit (AT6558) - M5Stack Gps

There are not enough products in stock
Price €22.73

This module integrates a Zhongke Weibeidou AT6558 navigation chip and a MAX2659 amplification chip used to amplify the antenna signal. The AT6558 has high performance, supports many types of satellite navigation system, capable of receiving satellite signals on 56 GNSS signal channels from 6 satellite navigation systems, joint location, navigation, weather and more. The module is able to obtain accurate information of global location, fast and precise positioning for any place.

The module can be widely used in vehicle monitoring, car navigation, on-board navigation, notebook navigation, etc. You can connect it to Port C on the M5core via the Grove cable, which is a standard UART interface.

Programmable Robot RoverC for M5StickC - M5Stack RoverC

In Stock
Price €78.14

The RoverC is a programmable omnidirectional mobile robot base compatible with the M5StickC and can be started with the insertion of the M5StickC. The main controller of the base is the microcontroller stm32f030f4. The base comes with N20 worm gear motors, which are directly driven by a four-channel motor driver. These motors are connected to the mechanum wheels, which can move in all directions. In addition, two Grove-compatible I2C ports are provided to facilitate expansion to other modules.

Programmable Robot PuppyC for M5StickC - M5Stack PuppyC

In Stock
Price €41.29

PuppyC is a programmable four-legged robot base compatible with the M5StickC. It contains the STM32F030F4 Microcontroller, four 5G90 micro servos, a battery holder and an independent switch. The PuppyC base needs to be used in conjunction with the M5StickC controller. After programming StickC, it communicates with PuppyC through the I2C protocol to control the steering movement.

Programmable BugC Robot for M5StickC - M5Stack BugC

In Stock
Price €22.73

BugC is a programmable robot base compatible with the M5StickC. It has four DC motors, two RGB LEDs, battery holder and a switch. The BugC base must be used in conjunction with the M5StickC controller. The base comes with a STM32F030F4 Microcontroller, which controls all motors and LEDs, and is controlled by the I2C protocol by M5StickC, which is on top of the base.

Grove 3-Port Hub Unit - M5Stack Hub

In Stock
Price €4.33

The Hub is one of the six units of the M5GO, which can be purchased separately. This unit is used as a Grove door expander.

Attention: The Hub is just a physical expander, if you are looking for a software expander (standard protocol) like I2C, single bus, check PaHUB or PbHUB. If you connected two I2C slave devices to the HUB that share the same address, you will have problems getting I2C data from both.

Dual Button Unit - M5Stack Dual-Button

In Stock
Price €5.72

This module has two buttons of different colors. They share exactly the same mechanism, the status of the button can be detected by the status of the input pin, just capture the high / low electrical level.

This unit communicates with the M5Core through the Grove B port.

Infrared Distance Sensor Unit - M5Stack IR

In Stock
Price €5.72

IR is an Infrared Photoelectric Sensor. The infrared remote control is widely used in consumer electronics; it can be used to operate devices such as televisions, DVD players or other household appliances within a short distance. Since this unit comes with a transmitter and receiver, you can practice not only IR encoding, but also IR decoding.

Basic IoT Starter Kit with 6 Modules - M5Stack M5Go

In Stock
Price €120.76

It is a Kit with 6 Internal M5 Units (ENV, IR, RGB, PIR, ANGLE, HUB). Like another M5Stack Development Kit, MSGO is powered by ESP32.

Every M5stack development kit can be programmed using Arduino IDE, WebIDE UlFlow, Micropython and Blockly, simplifying the development process for those who require a joint hardware and software solution, M5stack not only has wide-reaching IoT applications on industry, at home, but also enables students to learn to code.

Coding Module MEGA328P with 500mAh Battery - M5Stack Plus

In Stock
Price €25.57

The Plus is an enhanced M5 Module that comes with Lipo battery (500mAh), gear potentiometer, IR transmitter, port PORT B (GPIO port) extended, port C (UART port) of the MS core and a microphone solder block. Equipped with MEGA328, it can be a major upgrade of hardware resources, adding PLUS to your work.

Communication Protocol: IIC (0x62).

I2C Joystick Unit (MEGA328P) - M5Stack Joystick

In Stock
Price €11.43

The Joystick is very similar to the 'analog' joystick on PS2 controllers (PlayStation 2). The X and Y axes are two 10k potentiometers that control 2D movement, generating analog signals. The joystick also has a button that can be used for special applications, so the entire unit can emit X-Y movement signals in both directions and in the Z direction.

This unit communicates with the MSCore via the GROVE A interface. The I2C address is 0x52, Reading the data transferred from the Joystick, you can obtain the movement information from the Joystick.

Mini Relay Module 3A - M5Stack Relay

In Stock
Price €6.81

Relay, as its name implies, implements a relay function. The relay can be used as a switch operated electrically through the coil to mechanically operate a switch, where it is sometimes necessary to control a circuit of another voltage and current load through a separate low power signal, such as a digital signal emitted by a mircoprocessor. Up to 30V DC and 220V AC.

LTE Module (M8321) - M5Stack LTE

In Stock
Price €92.34

This is a wireless communication module, integrated with the M8321 NB-IoT module, which provides TD-LTE / FDD-LTE / WCDMA / TD-SCDMA / GSM / GPRS / EDGE frequency band and LCC + LGA package type. It integrated abundant Internet protocols, standard field interface and functions, supported WindowsXP, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, Linux and Android USB driver.

In the layout of the LTE-4G module, more hardware resources were added, reserved lanes for speakers, 3 LEDs, USB interface, double antenna allowed.

10K Potentiometer Unit - M5Stack Angle

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Price €6.41

Angle is a 10K potentiometer that can be used for continuous control, such as volume, brightness or engine speed. A potentiometer is a manually adjustable variable resistance with three terminals. Two terminals are connected to a resistive element, the third terminal is connected to an adjustable cleaner. The position of the wiper determines the output voltage. The output voltage is captured and converted by AD in ESP32 on portB.

Rfid Unit (MFRC522) - M5Stack Rdif

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Price €18.47

The MFRC522 operates in the frequency range of 13.56 MHz and uses the principle of modulation and demodulation to interact with the RF proximity card. This unit can perform the function of the card reading and writing device, to identify and record various information on the card, to encode and authorize an RF card.

Mini Fan Unit - M5Stack Fan

In Stock
Price €7.85

This module is designed with an N20 Engine and includes small propellers. This N20 motor has a supply voltage of 5V. And it has a rotation speed of 8800RPM.

Mini IoT Development Kit M5StickC ESP32-PICO with Bracelet -...

There are not enough products in stock
Price €34.53

The M5Stick-C is a Mini M5Stack, powered by ESP32, It is a portable IoT development board, easy to use and open source.

What can this do? This small block is able to realize your idea, illuminate your creativity and help with the prototyping of the IoT in a very short time. This takes away many of the pains of the development process.

Fingerprint Unit (FPC1020A) - M5Stack Finger

In Stock
Price €38.35

Finger is a fingerprint sensor that makes fingerprint verification super simple.

The Uart protocol, compact size and ultra low power consumption make the use of MSStack series products very attractive. It performs fast fingerprint matching with the highest level of security and the ideal convenience of the user. You can program to set the level of comparison of the fingerprint recognition and the different security level. If you've ever thought about protecting your project with biometrics, don't forget to include this MSunit Finger.

This unit communicates with the M5Core by UART protocol connected via PORTC.

IoT Development Kit (PSRAM 2.0) - M5Stack Fire

In Stock
Price €79.58

The M5Stack FIRE Kit is an update to the Gray kits, except for the 9-axis IMU sensor. Provides more hardware features: 16M Flash + 4M PSRAM, enhanced BRISA Base (MSGO Base and M5GO CHG Base), larger battery, etc.

ESP32 IOT Universal Experimental Laboratory Kit - M5Stack

In Stock
Price €262.71 Regular price €282.71

This is an IoT Experiences Kit, developed with MSStack, It is a complete learning table with ESP32 technology, which includes everything you can imagine in industrial IoT + application scenarios. You will be able to do experiments such as: robotic movements, the most used serial communication port (RS485 RS232), relay control, all different types of button control, RF reader, speaker, microphone etc ... all programmed through the kit M5Stack base. Programming can be done through Blockly (UIFlow), Arduino and Micropython.

Mini IoT Development Kit M5StickC Esp32-Pico - M5Stack

In Stock
Price €28.76

The M5Stick-C is an ESP5 powered M5Stack mini. It's a portable, easy-to-use, open source IoT development board.

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