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Payment Methods

Payment methods for sending orders Online:

You can safely pay for your orders using one of the following payment methods: Bank Transfer, ATM, MBway, Payshop PayPal or Credit Card.

Buying from ElectroFun is 100% safe. ElectroFun is a safe and certified store. SSL certification has the function of validating, authenticating and encrypting the information that is transmitted between the client's browser or the visitor and the server, thus ensuring the security of online transactions and authenticating the recipient of the information.

- Bank Transfer
Payments by bank transfer are made through the customer's bank to our bank.
As soon as the bank transfer is made, the customer must send proof of payment to the email, in order to speed up the sending process. The order will be shipped on the same day, if proof of payment is sent by 3 pm on a business day.

- ATM / MBway / Payshop
Payment by Entity / Reference through the payment of Purchases and Services, on the internet, by smartphone or at an ATM. Payment using these three methods does not need to send proof of payment and the amount is immediately available to ship your order.

- Paypal / Credit Card
By choosing Paypal you will be redirected to the Paypal page so that you can pay through your Paypal account or by Credit Card without have associated account. This type of payment implies a charge of 3% for the associated administrative costs.

- Payment to Collection (currently unavailable)
When choosing payment to collection, the customer will only have to pay the order upon delivery. , in cash. The maximum value of each order paid on collection is 250 euros. The charge for shipping is € 3.00. This method is not available for the Archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores. Electrofun reserves the right to cancel a charge order if the customer's history shows previous orders registered with the same payment method and not delivered at the customer's responsibility

In-store payment methods:

You can pay for in-store purchases using cash (banknotes or coins) or through a TPA ATM (debit or credit card). We do not accept checks as a payment method.

- Cash
Make payment at the store using cash (coins or notes). Immediate availability of change for € 200 or € 500 notes is not guaranteed.

- Multibanco TPA terminal
At the store when making the payment for your purchase (minimum 5 €) you can use the Multibanco TPA terminal, where you can use it for this purpose a standard debit card or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).