After-sales Service

The following are the terms of the legal agreement between the Customer / Consumer and Electrofun®. By accessing, browsing and using our online store (, the Customer acknowledges that he has read, understood and complies with our Conditions of Use.

Electrofun® can at any time When changing the conditions of use without prior notice to the customer, reviewing the conditions of use must be a standard practiced by the customer.

Resolution of contracts in distance purchases (Made at

For distance purchases (online purchases and receivable at the address via the carrier), Portuguese law establishes a 14-day period for consumers (commonly known as a reflection period) after taking possession physical goods, during which you can return the item (s) without the need to indicate a reason.

In cases of free Contract Resolution, the shipping costs are borne by the consumer , as stipulated in no. 2 of article 13 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of 14 February.

The goods must be returned to Electrofun by carrier within a period of 14 (fourteen) ) days after receiving the products, the Customer being responsible for fully bearing the shipping costs.

The Client must indicate his name, his order number, and attach the respective purchase receipt / invoice. After receiving and analyzing the product (s) (which must comply with point 1), Electrofun will inform the Customer of the refund to which it is entitled (if applicable) within 10 working days. The Customer must ensure that the returned products are in good condition as Electrofun is not responsible for any damage or loss of goods during transport.

In the free Contract Resolution in orders placed where the customer has free shipping, the return charges are the responsibility of the consumer and the shipping initially offered will be charged (at the price stipulated on our website) by issuing an invoice , and the respective amount discounted from the amount to be returned.

Resolution of contracts (Returns) on purchases made directly at our store

For purchases made directly in commercial space, contrary to what happens in distance purchases, Portuguese Law does not establish the obligation of the selling company (in this case Electrofun®) to accept the Resolution (Return) Agreement if this article is in compliance. In that case, we only accept exchanges / returns when you present a product with a manufacturing defect.

Note: Picking up orders in the commercial space resulting from reservations or purchases previously made through the Online Store, the legislation that applies will be applied. governs purchases made directly in the commercial space, thus not counting as a purchase made at a distance.

1. Conditions for accepting returns / exchanges:

Although returns / exchanges are accepted within the first 14 days of distance shopping (as described above), returned goods will only be accepted if they strictly respect the following conditions:

1.1. You must return the unused item, in its original sealed packaging, immaculate manuals and accessories, in the same condition in which it was sold.

1.2. The returned item must be intact and without any mark / damage from use.

1.3. Along with the returned item, you will have to attach the purchase receipt containing the same item.

In case of violation of any of these points, we will not be able to accept the return (and the consequent refund) or exchange.

2. Products NOT accepted for Returns / Exchanges:

Except for technical anomalies, there are articles that by their nature cannot be accepted for returns / exchanges.

2.1. Replacements or returns of robotics components, sensors, prototyping boards and modules, batteries, batteries, powerbanks, memory cards, external disks, semiconductors, line transformers, laser optics, welding, earphones / headphones / headsets, consumables are not accepted / wear products or software.

2.2. Exchanges or returns are not accepted for products whose wrapping is open, torn or damaged, as this product becomes unusable and cannot be sold again.

Returns of items ordered on special order are not accepted a customer. Electrofun is not responsible for product non-satisfaction as it automatically refuses your returntion, since there was information / acceptance / agreement on the characteristics / specifications of the product (s).

3. Returns refund methods:

If you want a refund for online purchases, the same will be done by Bank Transfer or Paypal, if this was the initial payment method. Electrofun® will reimburse the amount paid for the item as soon as the technical verification of the product's condition and verification of the fulfillment of the conditions described above is made (Point 1).

If you selected the payment method via ATM, MBway, Payshop or Paypal, the service charge will be borne by the consumer.

4. How to proceed in case of breakdown / return:

To start the malfunction / return process you will need to open an RMA order in this form , mentioning in the subject" After Sales ". This form, which, after being submitted, will be analyzed by the department, which will respond with a case number, which must accompany the product, together with the respective proof of purchase.

After submitting the form, you must wait for a maximum of 72 working hours for a contact from us, with final instructions.

After our return confirmation, you must send the article via conveyor to the warehouse in Vila Nova de Gaia (Electrofun, Rua Soares dos Reis Nº69, 4400-315 Vila Nova de Gaia). Once the item is in compliance, the cost of the return shipping costs are borne by the consumer.

The Customer must ensure that the returned products are in good condition as Electrofun is not responsible for any damage or loss of the goods during transportation.

5. Who bears the transport costs?

Shipping costs are always the customer's responsibility, with Electrofun being responsible for shipping to the customer. If the customer prefers, he can go to our store to leave the product. The product after being repaired or exchanged can be sent to an address of the customer's choice. If it is found that the product is in good working order and that the cause of the failure is the customer's lack of technical knowledge, the shipping costs to the Customer are borne by the Customer.

Electrofun does not is responsible for damage caused in transportation, being the customer's responsibility to check the condition of the package at the time of delivery and inform the courier. All shipments are insured and in order for it to be triggered by the carrier, the damage must be recorded on the bill that is signed by the customer as proof of delivery. If the customer does not mention in the guide that his product was damaged by the carrier, the carrier may consider that the damage was caused by misuse or carelessness. Therefore, you should check the condition of the box (s) and mention on the courier sheet what you detected during delivery, such as: "Damaged box", "Box with drop marks", "Box without Electrofun tape" .

After accepting the order and during the opening of the order, if you detect any damage caused by transport or lack of material, you will have to contact us via email immediately (on the day of delivery) in detail with description and proof photographs.

In case of failure to comply with this process, Electrofun declines any responsibility.


Items sold by Electrofun® in its online store and commercial space are covered by the legal guarantee regime. Electronic component warranties always operate according to the conditions set by the manufacturers.

The vast majority of products sold by us are fully open components or platforms, and they will have to be extra careful in their handling and implementation by the customer.

Before to purchase a good, keep in mind the following points described on this page:

  1. Electrofun® is merely a Distributor.
  2. All products sold by Electrofun® are not manufactured by Electrofun®. At the time of sale, Electrofun® passes on to the Customer the guarantee for the same product (s).
  3. It is our manufacturers who have quality control and ensure that the modules are always sold functioning after manufacture.
  4. All suspected malfunctions should be exposed immediately upon receipt of the products. Usually, the breakdowns occur due to an error or poor configuration in the assembly, or, later, in the use.
  5. When it comes to acquisition and modules, sensors or components, we are not always able to dair a quick fix or carry out a direct exchange, as they are relatively sensitive components and, since they are prototyping components, the warranty ends as soon as they are used. We will try, always with the brands, to expose and present the complaints of our customers. Note that most of these modules are surface mounted and are not repairable.
  6. The customer will have to send the product to us for testing, so that we can prepare the report and file a complaint with the manufacturer / brand. Shipping costs will be returned if it is confirmed that the product has a manufacturing defect. In case of ignorance of assembly or misuse by the customer, all shipping costs are borne entirely by him. In this case, we reserve the right to charge the costs inherent to the operation that has to be carried out to verify the good functionality of the product.
  7. We reaffirm, in this type of market (trade in electronic components), the usual guarantees for closed equipment do not apply because there is no way to protect the equipment, but as far as we are concerned, we will obviously always try to exchange with the manufacturer, safeguarding our customers.
  8. In cases of RMA (Return Material Authorization), Electrofun® is committed to giving its best so that its product can be exchanged as soon as possible, however the Client must bear in mind that the process does not depend exclusively from the seller (Electrofun®). All products that enter our RMA facilities are tested and shipped as soon as possible. Thereafter, the process becomes the responsibility of manufacturers and suppliers.
  9. In the case of discontinued products, the exchange may be made for a product equivalent or superior to that currently on sale, however, this exchange is exclusively the responsibility of the supplier / manufacturer. A credit note can also be made so that the customer can later purchase another item (s) in our store.
  10. RMA requests are made on this form . Failure to comply with the procedures described in this section will lead to the return of the product at the expense of the Customer.
  11. Please note that any changes to the original product VOID YOUR WARRANTY. For example: removal of stickers with a serial number or other type of label related to the warranty, adulterations caused by VMODS, incorrect installation of sinks in graphics and memories, processors and motherboards with broken / crooked pins, incomplete products, etc. In all of these cases the RMA is immediately REFUSED.
  12. Regardless of whether the equipment is warranted or not, whenever it is received for repair and no damage is detected, or if it has been caused by misuse, a fee may be charged to cover logistical costs
  13. In no event will Electrofun be liable for any partial or total loss of data, programs or software installed on products delivered for repair.
  14. The time taken to collect the equipment for repair is 30 days after the registration of the document, otherwise the material is considered abandoned under the terms of article 1267 / 1a of C.Civil, so Electrofun is no longer responsible for the integrity of the equipment. From the moment that it is considered abandoned, the holder is obliged to pay as a penalty clause the amount of 2.5 euros for each day of delay in the withdrawal. After 3 years from the date of the respective document and, under article 1299 of the C .Civil, the material will become the property of Electrofun by way of adverse possession. In case of debt, Electrofun has the right to retain all material in its facilities until it is fully paid off.

What is NOT covered by the Warranty?

The cost of transporting the defective product (s).
Damage caused by improper or abusive use.
Damage caused by transportation outside of the original packaging.
Damage caused by poor protection of the equipment.
Equipment opened by entities foreign to Electrofun.
Equipment that has undergone attempts to repair, or even repair, outside of our assistance services.
Having said that, Electrofun does not guarantee, nor is it responsible for the equipment damaged by defective handling, installation or configuration.
Any change to the original product also voids the warranty.
All of our products require knowledge for their use. For this reason, the customer must always take into account a responsible use policy. Electrofun will not assume damages due to misuse or unknownother factors.

Direct warranty with the manufacturer:

Some brands offer warranty / direct support to the Customer, in these cases you can contact the brand directly to deal with the equipment warranty.
We indicate below the contact details of main hardware manufacturers:

Contact the BQ technical department through the manufacturer's official website at -tecnico.html You must select your product and its anomaly, fill out the form at the end and wait for a call or email from the brand's technical support. They are responsible for collecting / repairing and delivering the equipment free of charge.

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