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Sonoff L1 Lite - Smart LED Strip 5 Meter

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Price €39.50

Although you have decorated your home with RGB lamps , this may not be enough. To go even further, have you considered trying LED strips Smart to improve the look of your home? The SonOff L1 Lite can be used as additional lighting and decoration. It is an easy and affordable way to add accent lighting to your indoor space, including stairs, cabinet, ceiling, TV wall, Christmas tree and more, while also creating an engaging and fun atmosphere.

Smart Wall Switch with WiFi SmartLife - Nedis

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Price €30.90

Open and close your electric curtains, blinds and umbrellas with your smartphone, tablet or any home voice control device, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This Smart Curtain Controller can also be configured to operate when other Nedis SmartLife are turned on and off, so that your curtains close when a light is turned on, for example.

Smart LED Strip 540 5050 12V 5W with WiFi RGB 5 Meters - Nedis

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Price €29.99

Use this Smart LED Strip to set the mood in any room. Control it in the Nedis SmartLife app, set up schedules or automations or use your favorite voice assistants to control the brightness and color of the LED strip. Connects directly to WiFi, so no separate hub is needed.

As this LED strip combines RGB as well as warm and cold white LEDs, it can not only define any color, but also control the temperature of the white light. Its length is 5 meters but can be shortened or extended with similar LED strips for endless possibilities. The double-sided adhesive (3M) is already placed to facilitate installation on any clean, flat surface.

LED Strip RGB 300 LEDs 5 Meters

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Price €17.20

Currently, LED Strip lights are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives. Sometimes, especially on party days, we even feel that there is no more fun and excitement without it. How about getting an LED Strip and start having a colorful life!

Shield Driver Module v1.0 RGB LED Strip

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Price €17.50

Do you want to program your RGB LED strip to be a little more "rhythmic" or "unpredictable"? This RGB LED Strip Shield contains all the necessary components to create a super cool RGB LED project with your Arduino.

Smart LED Strip RGB 2.4GHz WiFi - Nivian Smart

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Price €31.50

Smart LED Strip, RGB Colors, WiFi 2.4 GHz IEEE802.11 b / g / n, Length 2 Meters, Consumption 12W, Suitable for Outdoor Use, Compatible with TUYA Smart, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, Timer Function, Saving Energy and Environmental Protection, by Nivian Smart.

Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus RGB LED Strip - Xiaomi

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Price €39.90

Remote Control via App - Timer - Compatible with Alexa and Google Assitant - Brightness and Temperature Management - Compatible with Android and iPhone

The Xiaomi Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus RGB is a Smart Led Ribbon that lets you decorate any shelf, corner, railing or real estate with a bright LED line thanks to its 2 meter extendable strips. You can combine up to 10 meters extension. With them you'll be able to create any light environment with the color and intensity you want in your smartphone or tablet application (Android or Apple), setting the place to your liking right now. Plus, for added comfort, the app includes preset lighting scenarios such as birthdays, parties, romantic dinners and more.

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