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Xiaomi Mi 360º Home Security Camera Pro 2K

In Stock
Price €45.90

The Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K Pro is an impressive camera with 2K resolution that makes it easy to follow everything in real time through your app or later when you want to review your recorded material. It has a resolution of 2304x1296, which allows you to pause, zoom in and find important details. With the large aperture (f1.4) and thin lens, better and more detailed images are shot, every time.


Full HD Sports Camera with Display - Biwond

In Stock
Price €17.90

With this XA8 2" Full HD Sports Camera by Biwond you can record unforgettable moments, all in Full HD!

Tuya Smart Video Door Google Home Amazon Alexa with Bell

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Price €62.48

Intercom Video with Doorbell - FullHD Quality - Infrared Night Vision - 2.4GHz WiFi Connection - Bidirectional Audio - PIR Movement Warning - Compatible with Alexa and Google Home - Smart Life App - Smartphone Notifications - IP65 Certificate

The new Smart Tuya Smart Video Door Phone with Doorbell, has a FullHD quality camera (1920x1080px), with a 166º field of view that will keep you safe both day and night with its 6 LED lights that gives you an infrared night vision.

Selfie Stick Tripod in Black - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €20.99

New Stick Selfie Xiaomi - Tripod Mode - Extendable Handle - Bluetooth Remote - 360º Support

In Xiaomi's product renewal, it was the turn of the Selfie Stick, which brings news after the Selfie Stick Wire. Xiaomi's new selfie monopod is made of aluminum, giving it a modern and stylish look, as well as being comfortable to avoid slipping from your hand. Now you can connect your smartphone via bluetooth via the wireless controller that includes and capture all your photos in one click without annoying cables. Bluetooth connection is 3.0 with compatibility with Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 5.0 or higher. It can be used either as a 360° vision stand thanks to its convertible handle or as a selfie stick extending the handle. It's time to shoot, it's time for the selfie, it's time for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080p Magnetic Mount - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €36.74

The Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080p Magnetic Mount, a new and practical Surveillance Camera from Xiaomi comes to ElectroFun to maintain good home security at low cost. With Full HD 1080p resolution, night vision, ultra wide angle, IP65 water resistance and magnetic frame so you can easily place it wherever you need it. Read on to find out more about this magnificent security camera!

Mi 360° 1080p Security Camera - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €34.72

Protect what you really care about with the Mi 360° Camera 1080p, the revamped Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p, now with a new sensor and a larger f/2.1 aperture that lets in more light, albeit maintain 1080p FHD resolution, infrared night vision, AI motion detection and bidirectional calling. Read on to know all about it!

Placa Captura HDMI Audio E Vídeo P/ USB-C 4K 30Hz - PROK

In Stock
Price €26.79

Tela Projeção Teto/Parede 85" 160x120cm 4:3/16:9

In Stock
Price €114.50


There are not enough products in stock
Price €180.81

A Video Projector With LEDS RGB, USB, HDMI, VGA, SD.

HDMI Converter - RCA Video + Audio

There are not enough products in stock
Price €25.83

This Converter Converts a HDMI Signal to Video Composite RCA , 1 Video Channel and 2 Audio.

MicroHDMI Converter Male with 25cm to VGA Female + Audio Jack...

In Stock
Price €8.29

Allows you to connect devices with MicroHDMI output - tablets, DVD players, mobile phones or other HD devices, converting digital signals into analog for connection to monitors, projectors, etc... with stereo audio output.

Indoor IP Camera WiFi Rotation/Tilt HD 720p SmartLife - Nedis

In Stock
Price €45.15

An essential addition to any smart home system, this Nedis SmartLife IP Camera offers pan and tilt functionality to cover the entire room. This wirelessly controlled security camera connects directly to your home WiFi network - without the need for an additional hub - to be triggered by any movement in the room.

Outdoor IP Camera Rotating Full HD 1080P IP65 Tuya SmartLife -...

In Stock
Price €104.99

Home automation just got simpler. This External Smart IP Camera is easy to use and can simply be connected to your existing WiFi network to monitor the outside areas of your home and record any sound or movement.

IP Surveillance Camera 1080p Wifi 2mp

In Stock
Price €64.55

An IP Surveillance Camera 1080p Wifi 2mp.

HD WebCam 1280x720 with Microphone

In Stock
Price €26.24

A HD 1280x720 WebCam with Integrated Microphone , Compatible with Windows 10.

Pack 20x Photo Paper for Mi Portable Photo Printer - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €14.49

You want to print everything smoothly and wherever you are, that's why you bought the new Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer . Go further and don't be without support with the new Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer 2x3 "20x Photo Paper Pack. Especially for this printer, which allows you to have all the photos you want in your hands. It's great!

Selfie Stick for the Sports Video Camera Mi Sphere - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €27.29

Drop your creations with Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera and this Selfie Stick made especially for her. The support rotates up to 270º and has a remote shutter. It is so light and compact that you can always take it with you! Weighs only 107 grams and measures 19 centimeters fully folded. Its maximum length is 70 centimeters, although it has 6 points of amplitude, so you can zoom in or out as you need. Don't think twice and find the best accessories for your sports camera.

HDMI 4K Adapter with 3 Inputs 1 Output

In Stock
Price €18.89

You can connect up to 3 High Definition Devices (Decoder, Blu-ray...) to a single HDMI Port, using this simple 3-port HDMI Adapter compact.

Cable Scart - Scart Male (21 Pins) 1.5 Meters

In Stock
Price €2.05

A Scart Cable with 2 Scart Outputs, 21 Pins, 1.5 Meters.

PS2 to HDMI 480p Video Converter Adapter with 3.5mm Jack Input

There are not enough products in stock
Price €10.97

Play PS2 Games on Modern Hd's and Monitors with this Hdmi Converter.

Sport Camcorder Mi Sphere Camera Kit - Xiaomi

There are not enough products in stock
Price €135.95 Regular price €145.95

360º cameras are in fashion and Xiaomi did not want to be left behind, this time under the Mijia sub-brand they decided to launch the new Panoramic Cam Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera, this new 360º Sports Camera is very complete and versatile, a revolutionary advance in this type of cameras from Xiaomi that has been a success and that you can already buy here, at ElectroFun.

Cable Displayport Male / Displayport Male with 3 Meters

In Stock
Price €7.88

One Cable with 2 Displayport Outputs 3 meters long.

Micro HDMI Cable Male - HDMI Male V1.4 with 80cm

In Stock
Price €6.09

A Cable with Micro HDMI Male and HDMI Male V1.4 with 80cm in length.

Mini HD 1080P Spy Video Camera with Night Vision

In Stock
Price €21.24 Regular price €31.24

The perfect complement to make your photos or videos in maximum detail. Get it today with this fantastic Mini HD Camera! Discreet and small, but its results will pleasantly surprise you. With night vision, this camera was designed for the most fearless and adventurous. Easy to use and, thanks to its size, portable. You can take it wherever you want, without the space occupied being an impediment.

Adapter Cable USB-C / HDMI 15cm

In Stock
Price €20.74

Adapter Cable with USB-C Male and HDMI Female, 15cm long.

Universal Flexible Tripod for Smartphone/Action Camera

In Stock
Price €11.55 Regular price €13.55

A Flexible Universal Tripod for your Smartphone or Action Camera.

Wireless Security Camera 1080p WiFi - Sonoff GK-200MP2-B

There are not enough products in stock
Price €50.80 Regular price €60.80

Sonoff GK-200MP2-B WiFi FullHD 360º - IP Security Camera - Don't Miss a Moment - Adapts to All Angles - Feeder Included

IP Cameras in the Internet age become the most convenient tool for remote monitoring of areas that interest us, such as an apartment, house, yard, garage, office or workplace. Installing the camera and software is quick and easy.

VHS-C to VHS Cassette Converter - Nedis

In Stock
Price €34.12

Do you have a VHS-C Cassette but your Player only accepts VHS Cassettes? We have your solution!

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