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Programmable Robot PuppyC for M5StickC - M5Stack PuppyC


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PuppyC is a programmable four-legged robot base compatible with the M5StickC. It contains the STM32F030F4 Microcontroller, four 5G90 micro servos, a battery holder and an independent switch. The PuppyC base needs to be used in conjunction with the M5StickC controller. After programming StickC, it communicates with PuppyC through the I2C protocol to control the steering movement.

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Programmable Robot PuppyC for M5StickC - M5Stack PuppyC

PuppyC is a programmable four-legged robot base compatible with the M5StickC. It contains the STM32F030F4 Microcontroller, four 5G90 micro servos, a battery holder and an independent switch. The PuppyC base needs to be used in conjunction with the M5StickC controller. After programming StickC, it communicates with PuppyC through the I2C protocol to control the steering movement.

It walks slowly and is easy to control. Due to the small contact area, movement is slow and the frictional force is as high as possible, even on soft surfaces. Ideal for Robotic Pet, Remote Control Robot, Intelligent and Cognitive Toys etc.


• Programmable Robot;
• Servo Controller;
• Dimensions: 52mm x 60mm x 35mm;
• Servo angle: 0-180º.

Note: M5StickC Not Included.


• 1x PuppyC Base;
• 1x 16340 Battery (750mAh);
• 4x Servo 5690.

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