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Optical Sensors

Optical Sensors

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Pir Sensor Unit (AS312) - M5Stack Unit Pir

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Price €7.80

The Pir is used to measure the Infrared (IR) Light that radiates from objects in its field of view. Pir Sensors are usually called simply "Pir", or sometimes "Pid", for "Passive Infrared Detector". The term passive refers to the fact that Pir devices do not radiate energy for the purpose of detection. They work entirely by detecting infrared radiation emitted or reflected by objects.

This unit communicates with the M5Core through Grove B.

Warning: This Unit has a 2 Second Delay.

Reflective Optical Sensor (CNY70)

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Price €2.00

The CNY70 has a compact construction where the emitter and receiver are arranged in the same direction to detect the presence of an object using the object's reflective IR beam.

Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor UV UV-30A

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Price €21.90

This UV Sensor is capable of detecting UV solar radiation using a simple UVM-30A chip. It can be easily configured for projects with Arduino to monitor UV Index, analyze UV-A lamps or DIY projects as plant growth analysis.

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