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Terms and Conditions

General conditions of use and sale online on the site

These general conditions of sale are agreed between Electrofun, Ricardo A. A. Sousa Unip. Lda., Based at Rua Soares dos Reis Nº 69, 4430-315 VNGaia, tax identification number 514912774 and contact +351 707 011 964, doravante designated by "Electrofun" and those who wish to make purchases through the website www. doravante designated by "User".

The parties agree that the purchases made through the website will be regulated exclusively by this contract with exclusion of quaisquer conditions previously available is no website.


1. As these present general conditions of sale are for the purpose of making available and defining all the necessary information to the User on the methods of ordering, selling, payment and delivery of purchases made on the website

2. These conditions regulate all the steps necessary to carry out the order and guarantee or follow-up of this order between the Contracting Parties.


1. The User completes his order through the conclusion of the purchase process presented on the website, adding or (s) product (s) that he intends to entrust to the shopping cart:

2. To Send to your order or User must:

a) Register-se no website, providing for or effect the information requested.

b) Make or "Login" (enabling a combination of e-mail and word to pass by the user not registered).

c) Complete the information and escort options that are available for the long term of the process. the order (place of delivery and invoice, shipping method, payment method, bem como or NIF eo nome that, for fiscal purposes, intends to record the invoice).

3. A final confirmation gives User order hair equates to full and complete oil two prices and description of two products available for sale as well as these Gerais de Ven Conditions Since you will be the only ones to apply to the contract even concluded.

4. ElectroFun will honor the orders received online only at or limit two stocks available. Due to the lack of availability of the product to ElectroFun, it undertakes to inform the User or the logo that it may be possible to do.

5. The constant data provided is the internal responsibility of the User. At the end of the issue, it will not be able to be reissued with alterations.

6. Order orders are valid for 48 hours, except for orders registered in or under a promotional campaign that defines a different term. It is not possible to guarantee prices, discounts, promotions and offers for this period. Case or payment of the same is not received for our services within the aforementioned term, the order will be canceled. Any value received after this data will be returned or used as a new order.

7. It is the responsibility of the User to certify that the data that the insertion is correct and complete, not only to the address of the shipment of your order. If or client is placed in a residence and an order to return to Electrofun, or client will have to request a new shipment and pay the respective shipping costs.


1. No website, to ElectroFun propõe ao User as follows payment methods:

a) Bank Transfer
b) Multibanco Referência
c) MBway
d) Payshop
e) Paypal / Credit Card

As orders must be paid within 48 hours, findo or qual, the order will be automatically canceled. If you make or pay after this time, we do not guarantee the prices / availability.

In case of shipping or payment, it will be made to the carrier without delivery. If the Client does not make or pay, to Electrofun, subject to any direct or compensation, he / she will be able to:
a) Cancel the order or suspend deliveries or services;
b) Demand or pay two shipping costs ;
c) Allocate new payments made by the Client to previous payments, as deemed appropriate;
d) Collect pledges on or amount paid, from date of default to full and effective payment, to annual tax of 5%, accrued Euribor.


1. Or expected delivery timeframeMenda é, not a minimum, of 24 hours you apply to confirmation of order and respective payment, in Continental Portugal. This term is indicative and only applies to orders paid at 3pm. Upon delivery is made by the MRW or CTT company.
Exclude situations, only, immediate routines of some reference (s) or eventual failures of transport companies.

2 . À entrust são acrescidos the costs of shipping costs that you can check here .

3. All items are packed in Electrofun with the utmost care and are protected inside boxes by ar or paper bags. Also, we request that no moment of receipt of the order transported by our transporters, verify or state of the box (s) and always mention what it detects during delivery, such as: "Caixa damaged", "Caixa com Marcas de It remains "," Caixa sem fita Electrofun ", ... on the reception page of the post office, bem as always check that there is a possibility not inside the box (s) or content of your order, so that you do not have any product Damaged or missing, it may be done immediately, a claim for service and is activated or secured to cover all damages / losses.

However, after ordering and during the opening of the same, it will detect some damage caused by transport or lack of material, you will contact us via email immediately (not the day of delivery) in detail With a description of damage and photographs of prova, in this case two products in cause, the box together with the identification label of the expedition / transporter and essentially of our packaging used, which every day we prioritize the quality.
In case of not obeying this process, Electrofun declines any responsibility.


1. The prices presented include VAT at the legal tax in force. If you are a reseller customer, please login or prices can be presented with VAT.

2. The constant prices on this site are not valid at the moment of your inquiry except for spelling errors or out of stock and they can be altered with prior notice.
If an error is verified, no price of any product, or User will be informed immediately, being able to choose to receive his order (effecting or payment of difference) or to proceed to or its cancellation.


1. Or cancellation process, exchange or return and treated case by case, by ElectroFun. Or request must be made in writing to or by e-mail, I added 14 days after the order, being the cancellation instructions, exchange or return of merchandise answered by ElectroFun, the same means of communication.
2. Whenever a refund is possible, it will be made by the same payment method, but if it is not possible, or the user must indicate the IBAN, so that it can be returned by Bank Transfer.

3. The returned products must be in their original sealed packaging, as the manuals and accessories are imaculated, with the same conditions as they were sold, but to Electrofun not oily to the return of used products.

4. The resulting value of the exchange of products of an order for lower or higher than the initial value of the same, as conditions of success, will be indicated by ElectroFun.

5. I will not be returning oils from artigos whose wrapping packaging is open, torn, or damaged.

Please, consult us Post-sale page for more detailed information about our cancellation policy, guarantees, returns and trucks.


The treatment of two data and does not comply with the legislation on the protection of personal data. You, subject to computer processing, will consist of the data base (s) of ElectroFun and destined to the registration and presentation of other products and services, as institutional information, to be made available by the same.
< O seu provision e facultative e e e guaranteed, we are given the lei, or direct access, reification and cancellation of any given that he says directly respect, personally or by written means, for or constant directing to the initial page of this website.

Please, consult our page of Privacy Policy for more information.


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Due to eventual alterations of two suppliers or manufacturers of the products, the images of some products may not exactly correspond to the real product, keeping the same characteristics constant.

10 - STOCK

We can correct non-inventory stock errors from Electrofun. You must confirm the availability of any product before moving to the physical location.
If you do not make purchases online, some order is incomplete due to the stock routine, we contact you in order to alter it for another product, wait for the stock reposition, or sign or credit amount for a next order . If you do not like this, you must send us via email or your IBAN, to proceed to return the amount due.

If you have a dúvida, visit our page FAQs or contact us through

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