Resale of Electronic Products

We are representatives in Portugal of some brands of educational electronic products and prototyping and we have exclusive prices and conditions for resellers. Or I discount two products, it varies from product to product, you will have to login with your reseller contact and access up-to-date prices for reselling.

Be a reseller or a store person and want to have a contact with us for reselling, please follow the steps below:

1 - Access our website and register.

2 - After registration send an email with the following documents to our professional client manager:;
- Certificate of initiation of activity;
- Permanent certification or code (companies);
- Identification of the manager / responsible (complete name and mobile contact);
- Indicate 2 suppliers of local equipment;

3 - No maximum term of 3 days you will receive an email to confirm your reseller contact and from that moment on whenever you log in will have access to resale prices.

Minimum order for resellers is € 50 + VAT.
For resellers as soon as you have the payment means: Reference MB and Bank Transfer.

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