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Other Lamps

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Luminous El Wire Fluorescent Green Flexible 2m

In Stock
Price €14.18

Luminous Wire El Wire Fluorescent Green Flexible with 2m.

Bench Lamp with 5 Dioptre Magnifying Glass

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Price €44.91

Lamp of Bench with Magnifying Glass and 5 Dioptres.

Smart Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Perel

There are not enough products in stock
Price €15.90

A Rechargeable LED Flashlight, with Smart Functions, from Perel.

Halogen Lamp GY6.35 Capsule 24V 250W

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Price €4.05

Lamp of Halogen GY6.35 Capsule 24V 250W.

Oval Applique E27 IP65 Black

In Stock
Price €4.84

An Oval Applique E27 IP65 Black.

3 Light Effects Set - Party

In Stock
Price €20.18

A Set of 3 Effects, by Party.

Lamp E14 15W 230V Refrigerator

In Stock
Price €1.57

A Lamp 15W 230V for Refrigerator with cap E14.

Round LED Panel Light 16w With PIR Motion Sensor - Orno

In Stock
Price €26.38

Round LED Panel Light 16w with  PIR Motion Sensor, by Orno.

USB Asymmetric Monitor Suspension Lamp - Baseus

In Stock
Price €36.01

USB Asymmetric Monitor Suspension Lamp, by Baseus.

Portable Presence Light With Magnet - Baseus

In Stock
Price €21.94

Portable Presence Light with Magnet, by Baseus.

Candeeiro Solar LED Redondo - ENTAC

In Stock
Price €7.35

Luz Presença Gato RGB - BASEUS

In Stock
Price €17.82

Blister 2x Halogen Bulbs C5W (36mm) 12V 5W - Xenon Blue

In Stock
Price €2.20

The Powertec Xenon Blue C5W 11x36mm Blue Ceiling Lamp is highlighted by a bluish white light for the high quality Xenon appearance that guarantees safety and good visibility on the road.

Ceiling Light of RGB Smart WiFi 75W SmartLife - Nedis

In Stock
Price €52.49

Determine the ideal color temperature, light intensity and even color to suit every moment. Do you need strong, energetic lighting close to daylight to stay focused during your evening study sessions? Or rather, have a warm white glow to highlight a relaxed atmosphere during dinner? This Light of WiFi Smart Ceiling offers the right configuration for every situation.

Flashlight 9 Powerful LEDs with 4 Batteries - Perel

In Stock
Price €12.60

A Flashlight with 9 Powerful LEDs and 4 Batteries, from Perel.

RGB LED Ball MK197 - Velleman

In Stock
Price €6.41

Assemble the MK197 to create an original flashing LED Ball . Use your imagination and customize it to fit your special decor, be it Christmas or Halloween!

Panoramic Wireless IP Security Lamp / Camera

There are not enough products in stock
Price €37.69

This fantastic Lamp transformed into a Camera offers the security you are looking for for your company and your home! A discreet lamp that really is a Video Surveillance Camera with which you will have everything under control. You can see and hear everything that happens in your home or business, even when you’re not there.

LED Desk Lamp 4W 4000K Minimal 210Lm - Avide

In Stock
Price €31.40

LED Desk Lamp, 4W, 4000K, Minimal with 210Lm, from Avide.

Smart LED Strip RGB 2.4GHz WiFi - Nivian Smart

There are not enough products in stock
Price €33.07

Smart LED Strip, RGB Colors, WiFi 2.4 GHz IEEE802.11 b / g / n, Length 2 Meters, Consumption 12W, Suitable for Outdoor Use, Compatible with TUYA Smart, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, Timer Function, Saving Energy and Environmental Protection, by Nivian Smart.

Night Presence Light Motion Activated Night Mi Mijia 2 - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €21.14 Regular price €24.15

Mijia Night Light 2 maintains the same goal as its first generation, providing a small illumination without affecting our dream. A very easy and economical way to have a night light. Its structure is still made of high strength ABS plastic, also with small measures that give a weight of only 100 grams. This makes it an option to consider if you want a good quality, durable, portable product.

Smart Bulb LED Mi RGB - Xiaomi

There are not enough products in stock
Price €23.10

It seems that smart homes are the next step in leading a modern and comfortable life. Having full control of home appliances on our smartphone makes everything work smarter and more efficiently. So with the smart lamp from Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb RGB you will have the power even of your home lighting. You just have to download the Wifi APP Smart Home application on your mobile phone and control various parameters remotely. Turn on your child's light without having to wake him, turn on or off the light in a room without having to get off the couch or get out of bed or check to see if he has turned off the lights when leaving the house. All to simplify your life and make it as easy as possible.

Night Presence Light Smart Night Mi Mijia - Xiaomi

There are not enough products in stock
Price €14.59

Mi Motion can provide a soothing atmosphere at night as well as lighting without turning on the big light to make sure your baby is doing well or to make sure you don't step on your cat in the dark. With Fresnel's innovative ultra-thin blades inside the device, it offers a soft and very diffused light. It has two brightness operating modes with different levels: 0.7 lumens, will help induce sleep and a brightness of 3.8 lumens, ideal for relaxing with your friend's Instagram photos. Three AAA batteries will serve for about a year of operation if the night light shines at 0.7 lumens. If the lamp is commonly used at a brighter brightness of 3.8 lumens, three batteries will last about 6 months.


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Price €13.53
Lâmpada Baioneta BA15d 32 LEDS SMD2835


There are not enough products in stock
Price €2.12
Lâmpada efeito chama 1.5W


There are not enough products in stock
Price €4.16
Lâmpada G9 c/ LEDS SMD


There are not enough products in stock
Price €4.16
Lâmpada G9 c/ LEDS SMD


There are not enough products in stock
Price €8.91
Lâmpada LEDs c/ suporte quadrado Cinza

Lamp G4 2.2W 12V 10 Leds Cold White - Alpha Elettronica

In Stock
Price €7.88

Lamp with 2.2W 12V and 10 Cold White LEDs, from Alpha Elettronica.

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Showing 1-28 of 45 item(s)
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