Motion Sensor (PIR) 360º with E27 Support

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This innovative presence sensor for LED lamps has the advantage of not requiring installation! Simply screw it on the E27 lamp holder and then insert the lamp into the sensor socket.

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When motion is detected in the sensing field of the sensor, it switches on the lamp. This will be on for as long as the sensor is set or while there is movement.

Operation and Adjustments:

The sensor detects movement by measuring changes in the level of infrared light (heat) emitted by nearby bodies.

The sensor has a timing regulator that allows you to adjust the length of time the LED lamp stays on since the moment the movement is detected (approx 10s to 5min). The device also has a photoelectric sensor that allows adjusting the level of luminosity from which the sensor is actuated (<3 to 2000 lux). In this way it is possible to prevent, for example, that the sensor turns on the light during the day even if it detects movement.

Technical Features:

For an environment with an average temperature of less than 24ºC, it detects a person up to 6 meters away. Its field of vision is 360 degrees and can command an LED light up to 60W. For indoor use (IP20) Supply voltage 110V ~ 240V AC (50/60Hz).

Our products are CE, EMC RoHS certified.

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