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Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor UV UV-30A


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This UV Sensor is capable of detecting UV solar radiation using a simple UVM-30A chip. It can be easily configured for projects with Arduino to monitor UV Index, analyze UV-A lamps or DIY projects as plant growth analysis.

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The Sensor can detect UV rays with a wavelength between 200-370mm with fast response and analog control. Its operating voltage between 3-5V allows it to be easily connected to other controllers like Raspberry Pi.

With the UV Index diagram you can easily assemble your project with Arduino to monitor the levels of ultraviolet rays.


- Chip: UVM-30A

- Operating voltage: 3-5V

- Output voltage: 0-1V (corresponding to 0-10 INDEX)

- Accuracy: ± 1UV INDEX

- Standard current: 0.06mA

- UV wave size: 200-370nm

- Response time: <0.5s

- Working temperature: -20 to + 85 ° C

- Dimensions: 27 x 22mm


1 - UV UV-30A Ultraviolet Radiation Sensor

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