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Electric Motorcycle DLS01 12V White


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Electric Motorcycle DLS01 12V White

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Electric Motorcycle DLS01 12V White

About the DLS01 12V White Electric Motorcycle


The DLS01 orange motorcycle has silver gray details that give it a sporty and congested character. The whole looks phenomenal • it is influenced by the characteristic design of normal sized motorcycles and trackers, which consists of the expression expressed in the geometric details. The first thing that everyone will pay attention to when looking at the structure of the DLS01 in question is a modern shaped LED headlamp that increases the visibility of the child on the road, mirrors, increasing the safety level or a profiled seat.

The structure of the two-wheeled vehicle, the DLS01 engine, is based on two plastic wheels with a protective elastic. The wide wheels have a retreaded structure, thanks to which the child will be able to ride his motorcycle not only on a straight and smooth surface. A wide variety of fun is the music panel, where the child can travel with their favorite music in the background.


The DLS infant bike will be a great help to all children who do not fully master independent driving combined with maintaining balance. For rescue, there are support wheels mounted on the rear, making the ride comfortable and safe for the child. The vehicle is very easy to use • it is enough for the young rider to press the START button, located in the center of the motorcycle, and press the accelerator pedal with the right foot. Okay, now you can proceed! Stopping the vehicle is as simple as that • the child just takes his foot off the accelerator and the engine stops. It is a very simple and safe solution.


The speed that the DLS01 engine can reach is about 5 km / h. The 35 W motor and 12 V 4.5 Ah battery are responsible for this. The vehicle's low weight, around 14 kg, as well as the compact dimensions adapted for children of several years, allow you to take the orange DLS01 motorcycle wherever you want. We believe it will be a great addition to family outings and trips to the park, during which the child does not tire of walking for a long time.


According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the children's motorcycle is intended for all drivers over 3 years old. The battery toy is very safe, which is further emphasized by the CE certificate, which confirms that the European Union requirements are met. The children's bike is made of durable, solid materials and, above all, high quality certificates, which, combined with finishing with attention to detail, guarantee long and comfortable fun. The battery-powered vehicle for children is packed in the original cardboard box, inside which is an instruction that facilitates the assembly of all elements.


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