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Bentley Supersports JE1155 12V Electric Car White


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Bentley Supersports JE1155 12V Electric Car White

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Bentley Supersports JE1155 12V Electric Car White

Almost all of us, in our childhood, dream of being able to drive our own car. Now children have that opportunity • they can sit behind the controls of the sensational Bentley and be able to drive it independently!

The electric car is activated by sliding the on / off button. Before starting, the small driver can adjust the pace to his skills and road conditions • the high speed / low speed button next to the switch is used to start after pressing the accelerator pedal.

The interior of the electric car will certainly meet the expectations of a child and an adult. Elements in the Bentley adult equipment will allow each child to feel like they are in a real car. These elements will also be reinforced by soft seats made of eco-leather, as well as a steering wheel with music buttons and a horn.

However, that's not all that the white car model hides. It is equipped with an illuminated control panel with clocks that imitate speedometer and tachometer, as well as a radio with USB and MP3 input, which will allow you to travel to the rhythm of the little driver's favorite songs.

The set includes a 2. 4G remote control, so that an adult can keep control in the car • with an emergency stop if necessary.


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