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Bentley Supersports 12V Electric Car Black


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Bentley Supersports 12V Electric Car Black

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Electric Car Bentley Supersports 12V Black

Ideal for children over 3 years old, this Bentley Supersports electric car gives children the opportunity to drive independently in a car that is a copy of the adult version. Why should you choose a model inspired by Bentley?

Firstly, for the combination of a characteristic sporty design that combines in an incredible whole and that includes a soft sofa made from ecological leather, as well as a steering wheel with music buttons and a horn. It is also equipped with an illuminated panel of watches that imitate the speedometer and the odometer, as well as a radio with USB and MP3 inputs, which will allow them to travel to the rhythm of their favorite songs.

The children's version of the Bentley is exclusive and works very easily and intuitively, so children can adjust the driving pace to their abilities and the road conditions with the high-speed / low-speed button. The car reaches a speed of 3 to 5 km / h, since it has two engines (45W each) and a double battery with a capacity of 2x6V7Ah.

The set includes an innovative 2.4G remote control, thanks to which caregivers can control the car, so as not to lose sight of the little ones.


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