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Módulo 433MHZ LORA com Alcance 3000m

23,37 €

(SEM IVA 19.00€)


Módulo 433MHZ LORA com alcance 3000m.


Módulo 433MHZ LORA com alcance 3000m

Its embedded high-speed low-power microcontroller and high performance chip SX1278 LORA spread spectrum. By adopting efficient mixed rectifying error detection coding, anti-interference and sensitivity are greatly improved. Transmission power of 100 mw, low power consumption, with functions of wireless sensei, LORA spread spectrum can bring further distance of communication. Module provides a multiple channel choice, can modify the serial port baud rate, sending and receiving online frequency, transmission power, radio frequency (rf) air rate and other parameters.


• 1x Módulo 433MHZ LORA com alcance 3000m.

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