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Tamiya 70144 Ball Caster Kit (2 casters)

8,28 €

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Tamiya’s steel-ball caster is a good way to give a “third wheel” to a small robot powered by a differential drive. The kit comes with enough parts to make two casters, either 25 mm or 35 mm in height.

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Tamiya 70144 Ball Caster Kit (2 casters)

The Tamiya 70144 ball caster from Tamiya’s educational construction series is a small steel ball that rests on metal rollers inside a plastic housing. The caster can be assembled in two different ways, so that it has a total height of either 25 mm or 35 mm. The kit contains two complete ball casters and various types of mounting screws as well as spacers for small height adjustments.


• 1x Tamiya 70144 Ball Caster Kit (2 casters).

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