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Power Module 8V/28V- DFRobot


(SEM IVA 6.30€)


This is a DC-DC buck-mode power module, with input voltage range of 8V - 28V and fixed voltage / current at fixed 5V / 3A . Working frequency can reach 0.5 MHz . The module has high conversion rate and small size, easy to incorporate.

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Power Module - DFRobot

This is a DC-DC buck-mode power module, with input voltage range of 8V - 28V and fixed voltage / current at fixed 5V / 3A . Working frequency can reach 0.5 MHz . The module has high conversion rate and small size, easy to incorporate.

It has a constant output voltage, which can operate for a long time without changing the voltage and is suitable for occasions with high requirements. This product can work with some high capacity, high voltage batteries. Can be incorporated into your project to provide several energy options.


• Input voltage: 8 - 28Vdc;
• Output voltage: 5V;
• Output accuracy: ± 0.1V;
• The maximum peak output current: 3A;
• Total load output ripple: Vpp; 50mV;
• No-load current: IQ 0.5mA;
• Shutdown function: unsupported;
• Temperature operating range: -20 ℃ - + 85 ℃;
• Operating humidity: 20% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing;
• Storage temperature: -40 ℃ - + 125 ℃;
• Installation method: chip assembly;
• With or without insulation: Without insulation;
• Service life: 30000h;
• Dimension: 16.5 × 22 mm.


• 1x Power Module.

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