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Kit 2 Silver Wheels 65mm
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  • Kit 2 Silver Wheels 65mm
  • Kit 2 Silver Wheels
  • Kit Silver Wheels

Kit 2 Silver Wheels 65mm


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Set of 2 Silver Wheels with 65mm diameter DFrobot.

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Kit 2 Silver Wheels 65mm

These DFrobot rubber wheels are suitable for small mobile robotics platforms. The tires are very sticky rubber on smooth floors.

This set consists of two silver rubber wheels D65mm.

• Tire material: Rubber;
• Outer diameter: 65mm (2.56");
• Tire width: 26mm (1.02");
• Rim color: Silver;
• Dimensions: Click here.

• 1x Kit 2 Silver Wheels 65mm.

It is necessary to separately purchase a bracket / adapter for the wheel axle (See the Wheel Shaft Adapter here) to fit the motor (See the DC Motor here).

If you prefer to purchase the complete set, see the 65mm Silver Wheels Kit with DC Motor and Adapter.

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