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Shield 2-Channel Mechanical Relays - ITEAD


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Shield of relays for Arduino, with 2 channel mechanical relays and with 2 channel MOS switch , providing an easy way for applications low and high voltage control

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Shield 2-Channel Mechanical Relays - ITEAD

Shield of relays for Arduino, with 2 channel mechanical relays and with 2 channel MOS switch , providing an easy way for applications low and high voltage control. The breakout 3Pins makes it easy to build projects or prototypes quickly, using many existing sensor modules (Electronic Brick).


• 2 mechanical relays with photo-coupled circuit;
• 2 MOS switch with internal power supply;
• Wireless interface of the Xbee module, nRF24l02, RF315 / 433M;
• Interruption of the Arduino AD pin 3 PINs interface for the Sensor (Electronic Brick) module;
• Equipped with screw holes for easy installation;
• Native compatibility with Arduino / Iteaduino.


• 1x 2-Channel Shield Mechanical Relays - ITEAD .

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