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LED Tape 7,2W/m 3000K SMD3528 120LEDs/m 12V IP20 (5m)


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(Product for professionals, electricians, installers and the like).

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Important notes:

1. For lengths greater than 2.5 m the tape shall be fed back at both ends to ensure homogeneity of the luminous flux therethrough, as well as to preserve the longevity of the materials through correct distribution of the current in the printed circuit tracks.

2. The calculation of the power supply must be done by multiplying the number of W / m by the meters to be used and adding 30% as safety margin.

3. In case of cutting the tape you can connect the sections through an appropriate accessory (See Accessories section) without the need to weld.

4. If you want to control the light intensity, in the Controllers section you can choose a controller or remote control suitable for the LED strip. Always take into account the maximum current that it is prepared to withstand. (Eg: For 4m of a ribbon of 14.4W/m consumed power is P=4[m]x14.4[W/m]=57.6W whereby the current in Amperes passing in the circuit , which is fed at 12V, is: I=P/U=57.6/12=4.8A This current consumed must not exceed the maximum current that the controller supports).

5. Simultaneous control of various circuits: in case you want to use a controller or remote control, be it to ensure simultaneous control of several sections of tape consuming more than controller or remote control allows, or want to connect from more than one source power, it is necessary to use an Amplifier for LED Strip (see Section Controllers)

Minimum cut dimensions (between markings):

- 120 LEDs/m and 204 LEDs/m: 2.5cm

-60 LEDs/m: 5cm

-30 LED Strips/m: 10cm

Very low power consumption

Can be cut to any size (by markings indicated)

Extremely long life

Resistant to shock and vibration thanks to solid LED technology

Maximum instant illumination

No flickering

No current spikes at startup

It does not emit ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation in the light beam

Mercury free

Low thermal radiation

Low insect attraction

It contributes to a clean and healthy environment and to the reduction of CO2 emissions

Product certificated CE, RoHS.

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