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LED Bulb E14 4w »30W Cold Light 320Lm Candle


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The V-TAC E14 LED Lamps from the VELA range allow simple and direct replacement of old incandescent or energy-saving candle or flame lamps with up to 85% reduction in energy consumption.

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The V-TAC E14 VELA lamps are available in six different types and a varied range of powers:


It is a fine bulb lamp that perfectly replaces traditional candle-shaped lamps (classic). Also Available

With an opal glass outer diffuser and a wide angle of 200º, these lamps allow optimal diffusion of light and power up to 6W.

E14 CANDLE Filament and CANDLE Flame Filament

The new generation of Filament LEDs allows you to already build transparent candle-type lamps with a very similar appearance to the classic filament lamps. With a very wide emission angle (300 °), it behaves like the traditional filament lamp, since the glass starts immediately at the end of the bushing.

Due to its innovative radial structure and its high aspect ratio with a large area by volume, the heat dissipation necessary for the smooth functioning of the semiconductor constituting the chip becomes more facilitated.

E14 VELA Filament F (Fosca) and CELA Filament Flame F (Fosca)

Its design closely mimics the classic look of the frosted Vela incandescent lamp, but in fact it is a high efficiency LED lamp that allows great energy savings.

It is LED lamp that best allows the emission of light in all directions.


With an amber shade and a color temperature of around 2200ºK, this decorative lamp allows to create an environment of high comfort and a totally different and unique aspect.


The chandelier, table lamp or light bulb will keep the Vela range of LED lamps in its classic look, significantly reducing energy losses in the form of heat from old bulbs . The V-TAC Vela LED bulbs, with their all-plastic body, are sturdier and have higher strengths, while those in the Filament Candle or F-Filament range are ideal for table or high-standing reading lamps in which lamp is placed in the vertical position as it illuminates up and down as well as in all directions around it. It is also an excellent solution to be placed in ceiling or wall luminaires in which the bushing is placed in the longitudinal direction, thus ensuring that the light is also emitted sideways.


In the name of each lamp you can see its actual consumption and the equivalence of the old filament lamp. Thus, it is easier to choose from the power that suits you best.

Example: LED Bulb E14 6w >> 60W Warm Light 550Lm A60 FILAMENTO

The lamp above consumes only 6W but its light is equivalent to that of a 60W incandescent lamp.

The V-TAC LED bulbs of the Vela range are available in a wide range of powers and in three shades (see below) to meet your needs.

Available powers >> incandescent equivalent

2W >> 20W

4W >> 40W

6W >> 60W


All V-TAC LED lamps in the Vela range operate with 230V from the mains, therefore simply remove the old one and screw the new one into its socket. Note that these lamps are not compatible with dimmers.

Light shades

The V-TAC LED Lamps in the Vela range are available in three shades of white and one amber:

-Light Light, with clear light and a vivid white, especially suitable for working areas where a great reproduction of colors is required.

-Light Light, a light of high comfort, suitable for living areas, rooms or similar spaces and closely reproducing the classic incandescent lamp.

- Natural Light, with the color temperature of 4500K, unites the best of both worlds, giving the environment comfort and natural brightness. This lamp is especially suitable for work spaces and is a great reading light.

-Amber light, with a color temperature of about 2200ºK, this decorative lamp allows to create an environment of high comfort and a totally different and unique aspect.


Very low power consumption

High-intensity light source

Extremely long life

Made of high quality materials for robustness and intensive use

Resistant to shock and vibration thanks to solid LED technology

Maximum Instant Illumination

No flickering

No current spikes at startup

Free from ultraviolet (UV) radiation

Free infrared (IR) radiation in the beam of light

Mercury free

Low thermal radiation

Low insect attraction

It contributes to a clean and healthy environment and to the reduction of CO2 emissions

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