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12x Makeup Brush Set

In Stock
Price €5.13

Set of 12 Brushes for Makeup.

Branqueador E Polidor Dental

There are not enough products in stock
Price €5.68

Pente Elétrico Removedor de Piolhos

There are not enough products in stock
Price €31.27

Bola Massajadora Portátil Com Efeito Frio

There are not enough products in stock
Price €16.23

IPX4 Portable Shaving Machine - ADLER

In Stock
Price €14.95

A IPX4 Portable Shaving Machine, from Adler.

150ml Portable Oral Irrigator With 2 Tips - ADLER

There are not enough products in stock
Price €42.62

A Portable Oral Irrigator 150ml With 2 Tips, from Adler.

Smart WiFi Scale with Illuminated Display SmartLife - Nedis

In Stock
Price €29.00

These Nedis WiFi Smart Personal Scales instantly show your weight. Since your health is determined by so much more, these smart scales also measure levels of fat, BMI, bones, muscles, water and proteins.

Triple Socket with 3 USB Ports 5V 2A Mi Power Strip - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €23.09

3 USB charging ports - Power strip - 3 22V sockets - Compatible with EU chargers - 1.8 meters of cable

The new Triple Socket with 3 USB Ports 5V 2A Xiaomi Mi Power Strip has arrived with a 1.8 meter long cable, which can charge or connect all your devices, or charge directly to your smartphone thanks to the 3 USB ports it incorporates. Direct and compact. You don't have to rely on a charger, you just have to take the first USB cable you can find to get your smartphone ready for action.

Smart Mi Ionic Hair Dryer - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €47.24

Integrated Condensation Needle - NTC Intelligent Temperature Control - Free Rotating Magnetic Air Nozzle - High Speed ​​Motor

If you are looking for a powerful hairdryer that fits all features perfectly, the new Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer is for you. Especially suitable for all those who are demanding with their personal care, this model will surprise you thanks to its diverse characteristics. Developed with a built-in condensing needle, enjoy the best treatment for your hair, as it does it ionically. This mechanism condenses the moisture in the air and atomizes it into small electrohydraulic ions that are transferred to the hair with the air it sends.

Wireless Hair Clipper Enchen Boost - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €18.38

Two Speed ​​Engine - Variable Cut Length - Silent - Turbo Mode - Comb - Long Life

Xiaomi always surprises us. It has several of the most amazing smartphones you will find, many types of spectacular devices that will make our lives easier. If you want to look spectacular every day, now we present the new Machine of Cordless Haircut Enchen Boost , a spectacular hair clipper. A completely wireless device, which has a cutting length adaptable to you, being one of the quietest models you will find and with an incredible duration. It is one of the best hair clippers you will find. Read on and you will see.

Hair Sideboard Suitable for Nose and Ears

In Stock
Price €8.49 Regular price €10.49

A Hair Sideboard Suitable for Nose and Ears.

Set Shaver, Comb and Nasal Epilator - Well

In Stock
Price €16.24 Regular price €26.24

A Set with Shaver, Comb and Nasal Epilator, from Well.

Hair Machine with Accessories - Well

In Stock
Price €12.75 Regular price €15.75

A Machine for Hair Cutting with Accessories such as 4 Combs, Cleaning Brush, Oil, Comb and Scissors, from Well.

Mi Electric Shaver S500 - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €48.40 Regular price €52.40

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 offers a perfect shave, thanks to its cutting system with three independent floating blades and a 360º tilt and rotation head, adapting to the face shape and reaching the hair even in the most difficult areas. Doesn't it look incredible? Stay with us and discover all the details of this Xiaomi product!

Callus Remover - Esperanza

In Stock
Price €10.39

A Callus Remover that removes and softens dry, rough and callused skin from Esperanza.

Mi Body Smart Scale 2 - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €19.04 Regular price €22.04

Xiaomi is one of the most recognized brands of the moment. The company not only offers several of the best phones at the moment, but also has a number of products to make your life easier. With your new Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 scale, you can get the best measurements of your weight in a very simple way. Made so you can use it in your smart home, it has many features that will make you fall in love. Come and meet them!

Clean Face Sonic Pink

In Stock
Price €37.49 Regular price €52.50

Face Cleaning and Massage Device, Removes any Makeup Remains, Impurities and Skin Sebum.

Batteries Nail Polisher

In Stock
Price €15.89 Regular price €20.89

Batteries Nail Polisher with 2 Rough Heads for Filing and 2 Soft Heads for Polishing and Shining.

Oven Led Uv Nail Gel 24W

In Stock
Price €25.09

A Led UV Oven for a professional Nail Gel job, with 24W.

Portable Hair Clipper with 4 Combs - Teesa Cut Pro X400

In Stock
Price €23.88 Regular price €28.88

Don't waste time in line at the hairdresser! Now you can get the effect of visiting a hair salon without leaving your home. Try the Teesa Cut Pro X400 today and see for yourself how easy hair styling can be.

Portable Hair Clipper 4 in 1 - Teesa Hypercare T400

In Stock
Price €29.49 Regular price €31.49

Do you mind looking perfect? In that case, the Teesa Hypercare T400 is a device that must be included in your bathroom. This multi-functional set will allow you to take care of your face easily and quickly every day. The Teesa Hypercare T400 set can run continuously for 120 minutes!

Beard Bib with Suction Cups

There are not enough products in stock
Price €16.38 Regular price €18.38

You will never dirty the bathroom again with this Beard Bib with Suction Cups.

Mirror LED for Makeup 2 in 1 Mirrobbit

In Stock
Price €36.99 Regular price €41.99

We present you the Original and Innovative Mirrobbit Wellness Beauté 2-in-1 LED Mirror! Very practical due to its dual use, it can be used as a Makeup Mirror and as an LED Table Lamp. Furthermore, it does not need batteries, as it is rechargeable. Ideal to offer and excellent to integrate the decor of your bathroom or bedroom.

PowerBank Make Up Usb 5V 3000mAh with LEDs and Mirror

In Stock
Price €23.88 Regular price €28.88

If you are passionate about the gadget universe, ElectroFun offers the best news for home, cars, travel, children, technology, entertainment, etc! Discover a wide range of quality products that stand out for their functionality, efficiency and innovative design, such as the Power Bank Make Up Usb 5V 3000mAh with LEDs and Mirror!

LED UV Nail Gel Oven - Grundig

In Stock
Price €13.89 Regular price €20.89

UV LED oven Nail Gel professional work, Grundig.

Portable Hair Clipper with 4 Combs - Teesa Cut Pro X500

In Stock
Price €37.69

Don't have time for frequent visits to the hair salon? Now you can choose another option! All thanks to the Teesa Cut Pro X500 Hair Clipper, thanks to which, without leaving home, it will have an effect comparable to cutting with a professional. The battery of the Teesa Cut Pro X500 with a capacity of 2000mAh means 4 hours of operation! Assuming the haircut does not take more than 20 minutes, the energy accumulated in the trimmer is sufficient for 12 professional sessions.

Shaver and Rechargeable Trimmer - Teesa Softblade

In Stock
Price €29.30

Do you want to shave, trim or style your beard quickly? Say goodbye to disposable razors once and for all and try the Teesa Softblade Wireless device today. The Teesa Softblade Shaver is equipped with a double-sided stainless steel blade, thanks to which you can shave facial hair in any direction. Order the machine and find out how comfortable it is.

Portable Shaver 3W 7200Rpm Batteries IPX6 - Teesa Hypercare T500

In Stock
Price €34.79 Regular price €39.79

Are you sick of uncomfortable disposable razors that irritate your skin? Replace them with the Teesa Hypercare T500 Portable Shaver! Its flexible design means that it adapts perfectly to the shape of the face, ensuring an extremely fast and accurate shave. The battery (Ni-MH) used in our Teesa Hypercare T500 Portable Shaver is based on the same technology as the batteries used in hybrid cars from leading manufacturers, including the Prius model manufactured by Toyota. High-class technology goes hand in hand with non-toxicity, durability and exceptional battery performance.

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