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Aquecimento Refrigeração Inteligente

Aquecimento Refrigeração Inteligente

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ZigBee Smart Radiator Thermostat SmartLife - Nedis

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Price €39.60

We all know what it feels like to arrive in a cold room or apartment, or find you've left your radiator on all day. With this Smart Radiator Control, you'll never have to worry if you left the radiator on.

Smart Thermostat Girier Electric Boiler 16A Tuya Smart

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Price €52.49

We know you love having a smart home, a home that you can enjoy and control with your smartphone or with your voice. With the Smart Thermostat Girier Electric Boiler you will have maximum precision to enjoy the temperature you want in your home. A model made so that it can be used with a gas boiler, with the greatest capacity for use and fully programmable. Read on and you'll find out why it's one of the best.

Intelligent Thermostat WiFi of Gas Boiler - Nivian Smart

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Price €95.54

Universal compatibility, for Any Boiler of Gas that Exits for Control of the Thermostat either with 2 or 4 Wires. Easy to Install, No Need for Installation or Pre-Existing Wiring. The Great Advantage is the Installation Flexibility, since it allows the wired installation, directly replacing the existing wired thermostat, or it can work wirelessly, eliminating the wired installation and offering the possibility to situate the control command.

Smart Floor Fan with WiFi SmartLife - Nedis

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Price €63.00

This WiFi Smart Fan can be used alone or in combination with your other Nedis SmartLife devices. It can be operated as a standard Fan - by pressing the buttons - but it can be easily controlled remotely with your smartphone. Just connect the Fan to your WiFi Router - no need for an additional hub or gateway - and you can use the app to control speed, pan horizontally or set a timer or a schedule.

Mi Smart Space Heater S - Xiaomi

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Price €94.49

Remote Control via Smartphone - Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa - 2200W - Suitable for Places up to 46m2 - Constant temperature between 18-28ºC - Waterproof IPX4

A new Xiaomi home product arrives at ElectroFun to heat your home on cold days in the smartest way possible. In fact, this 2200W Radiator quickly heats up your room and you can even control it remotely on your smartphone. Interesting ... really? Stay with us, because we will give you every reason to love this little device.

Convection Heater Smart 2000W WiFi SmartLife - Nedis

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Price €110.19 Regular price €130.19

This Nedis WiFi Smart Convection Heater can be used alone or in combination with other Nedis SmartLife devices. Use the touch buttons on the front - or operate remotely via the Nedis SmartLife application - to set the temperature, heating power or set a timer or schedule.

Bluetooth Smart Water Controller SmartLife - Nedis

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Price €39.99

The Bluetooth Smart Water Controller by Nedis turns your outdoor faucet into a smart water supply that you can schedule with your smartphone or action with the built-in button. reliable irrigation of your plants or lawn in everyday life, even when you are not at home. Simply mount the Controller Water between a water faucet and your sprinkler or garden hose (no tools needed) and connect it to the Nedis mobile app SmartLife using a direct Bluetooth connection.

Aroma Diffuser with RGBW White - Platinet

In Stock
Price €29.45

The Platinet White RGBW Aroma Diffuser contributes to your family's best well-being.

SPC Nerta SmartHome Purifier

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Price €45.14

With this Purifier, scent your home anywhere to surprise your guests! With the SPC IoT application, you can control all your smart devices!

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