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SparkFun Venus GPS c SMA connector


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SparkFun Venus GPS c SMA connector

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SparkFun Venus GPS c SMA connector

It is based on Venus638FLPx, the successor of Venus634LPx. The Venus638FLPx outputs standard NMEA-0183 or SkyTraq binary phrases to one standard 9600 bps rate adjustable to 115200bps, with refresh rates up to 20 Hz! The Venus638FLPx also allows limited on-chip registration check the firmware below, as well as the external registration using an SPI flash memory chip not included.

This card includes an SMA connector to connect an external antenna, headers for 3.3V data via serial, NAV lock indication, pulse per second output and external Flash support. We also provide solder jumpers to easily configure power consumption, boot and power memory backup. This board requires a regulated 3.3V source to operate; at full power the board uses up to 90mA, with reduced power that requires up to 60 mA.

We make it easy to connect an external battery or super-condenser for the plate, to support the reboot very fast after the power is removed. There are even pads on the bottom of the board for the 0.2f supercapacitor not included, but you can find it in the related items below, which will keep the board superbootable for up to 7 hours without external power!

Note: We broke the second port pins of the Venus638FLPx series RX1, TX1 and an I2C SDA, SCL interface. However, these ports are not used by firmware support. SkyTraq offers an SDK allowing the creation of custom firmware; contact for details.


Up to 20Hz update rate
-148dBm Cold start sensitivity
-165dBm tracking sensitivity
29 second cold start TTFF
3.5 second TTFF with AGPS
A second hot start
accuracy 2.5m
Multipath detection and suppression
Jamming detection and mitigation > SBAS / EGNOS WAAS support > 67mW full power navigation
Works directly with active or passive antenna
internal flash for optional 75K point data logging
Supports logging external SPI flash memory data
complete receiver in 10mm x 10mm x 1.3mm size
Contains LNA, SAW filter, TCXO, RTC Xtal, LDO
2.7-3.3V supply only

Dimensions: < / strong> 1.15 x 0.7 inches



• 1x SparkFun Venus GPS c conector SMA

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