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Angular Motor 65 RPM - SparkFun


(SEM IVA 5.12€)


These engines are moto-reducers are the same ones used in the Magician Chassis and Kit Redbot and offer a cheap and easy to use configuration to get your wheels spinning. Because these gear motors are at a right angle, you will also be able to monitor and control your wheel rotation!

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Angular Motor 65 RPM - SparkFun

Each gearmotor needs a 3-6V voltage with a 200mA current while having a 3A - 6V (1.5A - 3V) tent current , a 48: 1 ratio gearbox, and a wheel speed of 65 rpm at 3V discharged .


• Voltage: 3V - 6V;
• No-load speed: 65 RPM;
• No current load: 200mA;
• Current stop: 3A - 6V (1.5A - 3V );
• Gearbox ratio: 48: 1;
• Steering wheel: 65rpm - 3V discharged (recommended).




• 2x 65 RPM Angular Moto - SparkFunr.

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