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Voltage to Analog Current Converter 4 ~ 20mA


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Voltage to Analog Current Converter 4 ~ 20mA

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Voltage to Analog Current Converter 4 ~ 20mA

This current-to-voltage module can linearly convert 0~25mA current signals into 0~3V voltage signals. Industrial sensors or devices usually have the current signal output of 4~20 mA. With this current-to-voltage module, your main control board can easily attain the current signals input from industrial sensors or devices.

Normally, current signals lower than 4mA can be used for fault diagnosis, and current signals higher than 20mA can be used for overrun detection. Therefore, this module is specially designed with a wide detection range from 0 to 25mA, and compatible with fault detection, overrun detection applications.

This module employs 0.1% high precision sense resistor and ultra-low noise rail-to-rail zero-drift op amp, high accuracy, no need to calibration, so it is convenient to use. 3.3V~5.5V wide voltage power supply, 0~3V voltage signal output, which are compatible with more main control boards, adapt to more applications. 


NOTE: For higher accuracy, it is recommended to measure with 12 or more bit ADC!


Support wide voltage of 3.3~5.5VDeploy 0.1% high precision sense resistor and ultra low noise rail-to-rail zero-drift op amp, high accuracy, and no need to calibrationWide measurement range up to 0~25mA, which is compatible with fault diagnosis, overrun detection applications


Supply Voltage: 3.3~5.5VDetection Range: 0~25mA DCMeasurement Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. @ 16-bit ADC, ±2% F.S. @ 10-bit ADCTermination Resistance: 120ΩConnector Type: PH2.0-3PProduct Size: 30mm x 22mm 1.18inch x 0.87inch 


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Analog Current to Voltage Converter     x1Digital Sensor Cable 3pin        x1


• 1x Conversor de Tensão para Corrente Analógica 4~20mA

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