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Electronic Brick - Sensor de Corrente - Loop 4-20mA


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Electronic Brick - Sensor de Corrente - Loop 4-20mA

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Electronic Brick - Sensor de Corrente - Loop 4-20mA


4~20mA Sensor Brick is an electronic brick module that can be used to test electronic current loop from 4mA to 20mA and support type2,3,4 current output. With a 5V to 24V DC-DC power boost convertor, its max current output can be 150mA, which can be for equipment use.


  • Compatible with the mainstream 2.54 and 4-pin Grove interface in market
  • Compatible with type2,3,4 electronic current loop With use of M4 standard fixed holes
  • compatible with M4-standard kits such as Lego and Makeblock.


PCB size 40.6mm X 29mm X 1.6mm
Power supply 5V DC
Compatible interfaces 2.54 4-pin interface and 4-pin Grove interface1

Electronic Characteristics

Power supply 4.5 5 5.5 VDC
Input measurement current 4 - 20 mA
Output CurrentDCDC - - 150 mA


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• 1x Electronic Brick - Sensor de Corrente - Loop 4-20mA

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