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WiFi Dual Switch Relay Module with Power Metering - Sonoff...

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Price €15.90

The DUAL R3 Lite is a Module of Dual Smart Switch with Relays controllable by WiFi, through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, but they can also be controlled with voice commands through Siri or other virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant. This Smart Switch was designed to be installed behind switches, in a junction box or on a DIN rail and allows you to remotely control (via WiFi) your lights, blinds or other electrical devices.

Smart WiFi Switch Control 5V USB Adapter - Sonoff Micro

In Stock
Price €10.15

Want to control when one of the devices you have connected to a USB port is turned on or not? With the new Sonoff Micro USB Smart Switch Control, you'll be able to control it on your mobile phone, program it to activate when you need it and whatever you have in mind. With a small size and high performance, this Switch is your best ally every day.

8 Button Remote Control - Sonoff RM433R2

In Stock
Price €9.24

The RM433R2 Remote Control is an upgraded version ofthe RM433 with 433MHz, Smoother Surface, equipped with an improved Smart Chip for a greater RF Control Distance. Designed with 8 buttons to Perform Various Functions when running on Different Types of Devices. Such as Fan Speed ​​Adjustment, Brightness Setting, etc. Simple and Elegant Look Gives Any Surface a Beautiful Decoration when Stored on the Wall.

Wireless WiFi Smart Door and Window Alarm Sensor - Sonoff...

In Stock
Price €7.29

You have no idea if thieves break into your house in your absence? Can you imagine if the light in your house turns on when you open the door? Or do you want your bedroom light to turn off automatically when you enter the living room? Any of your ideas will come true with the Sensor of Door/Window Wireless Sonoff DW2-Wi-Fi. The DW2-Wi-Fi comes in two pieces, the transmitter fits on the door or window and the magnetic key is fixed to the frame. It can help secure your door or window so you know your home is safe wherever you are. The sensor will trigger an alarm for your smartphone to warn you of an intruder when the door or window is opened.

Dual Switch WiFi Relay Module with Energy Measurement - Sonoff...

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Price €14.99

The DUALR3 takes your home to the next level. The DUALR3  is a built-in Switch WiFi Dual Relay Module that installs behind any standard switch for turns it into a smart switch for wireless remote control with mobile devices or voice command. Unify your appliances into an integrated wireless network to make them communicate with each other, which is convenient to control, including lights, appliances and motorized installations like shutters, awning, etc.

DIY Bidirectional WiFi Switch Module - Sonoff MINIR2

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Price €7.50

The MINIR2, like the MINI's rugged Diy Two-Way Smart Switch, has been redesigned to bring safety and performance to an optimum level. The small and compact smart switch is used for different types of switch boxes, even the smallest standard EU switch box. Convenient to automate your appliances in the eWeLink app with your mobile phone or by voice command.

Smart Module High Power WiFi Switch with Energy Measurement -...

In Stock
Price €42.00

The POWR3 has a large output power (25A/5500W) to make your high power devices smart! The POWR3 is powerful enough to act as a smart meter for a single room, connecting all appliances in that location to the POWR3 energy consumption is counted individually. In addition, POWR3 will keep the consumption data for 100 days, which can be exported to CSV on your mobile phone.

Mi LED Smart Bulb Warm White - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €7.34

Smart Lamp - Smart Control - Mobile App - Programming Function - E27 Lamp - Warm White Color - Adjustable Brightness

At ElectroFun, we have one of the best catalogs to get everything you want. And you want a high-quality smart home. Thanks to Xiaomi, you will enjoy one of the best high quality smart lamps: its new Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb Smart Lamp Warm White. A model made to offer the greatest brightness in all situations without any problem. One of the most spectacular models you will find. It's amazing!

Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential Lamp (White and Color) - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €16.30

Smart Lamp - Smart Control - Mobile Application - Programming Function - E27 Lamp - Color Warm and Cool White - Color - Adjustable Brightness

You know! At ElectroFun we are always thinking of you, so that you have a house that is easy to control and totally spectacular. We want you to have a high quality automatic and intelligent home that perfectly suits you and what you are looking for at all times. That's why our SmartHome section is so important to us. And thanks to Xiaomi, we can count on a new high-quality smart bulb: the new Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb Smart Bulb Essential White and Color, one of the best, especially for enjoying your home in the best way. Come meet her!

Door and Window Sensor Wireless Smart 433MHz RF - Sonoff DW2-RF

In Stock
Price €10.49

Doors and windows that can be used as entrances and exits are the weakest points in the security of your home. An unprotected door or window is like an obvious "Welcome" sign for a thief, so the Sensors of Door/Window are also known as the "Entry Sensor" . As one of the most popular home security devices, the Sensor of Door and DW2-RF Wireless Window is smart enough to know if your door or window is open and you can not only send alert notifications, but also notify you when the entry point is opened, ensuring the security of your home.

ESP8266 WiFi Development Board (ESP12E) - CH340 NodeMCU V3 Lua

In Stock
Price €12.49

NodeMcu consists of open source firmware and a development kit that helps to prototype your IoT (Intemet of Things) project through some lines of Lua language. The NodeMcu has integrated ESP-12 serial WiFi with GPIO, PWM, ADC, I2C and 1-WIRE capabilities, integrates USB-TTL serial with super reliable industrial strength CH340 for superior stability on all supported platforms.

Smart Switch WiFi Tuya SmartLife - Nedis

In Stock
Price €12.59

Place this Smart Switch on the power line of any wired device to turn it on and off remotely or to program it automatically. Take control of the connected device using your voice when using this switch with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Wireless Switch Mi Smart Home - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €12.07

Compatible with Smart Home Xiaomi - Programmable via My Home App - Button Warning

Xiaomi's range of home products called Xiaomi Smart Home continues to grow and presents a new addition to its collection. It is whether this Switch / Notification Button with which we can give a warning to the smartphone or another product in the Mi Smart Home range in a tactile way. This Xiaomi Switch can be used well to warn a person in the home that they need your presence in the place where you gave the warning, or as an emergency button in case of people with reduced mobility.

Mi Smart Portable Speaker Google Assistant - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €52.40

12W Sound - Control Everything - Chromecast - Great Sound - Stereo - Compact Design - Applications

Get Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker with Google Assistant to have a smart home and control it with your voice. At ElectroFun we have the best models of smart speakers and, among them, highlights the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker Google Assistant , one of the most complete that you will find at this moment. A very adaptable model that offers the help of Google Assistant so that you can enjoy your entire home just saying "Ok Google!".

Motion Sensor Aqara - Xiaomi

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Price €23.45

Motion Sensor - Wireless Connection - Detection Distance 7 Meters - Light Intensity Detection

This Sensor of Motion has an integrated light intensity sensor, which helps to detect brightness and send information to other smart devices. Upon detecting the light or movement, you can send orders such as turning on the lights or activating an electronic device.

Camera WiFi 140º 1080p Aqara Hub G2H - Xiaomi

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Price €61.49

1080p Video Resolution - WiFi - Aqara Home Application - Hub - Apple HomeKit - iCloud - White Color

Xiaomi is one of the brands that has us in love. Always presents us with the best products. Just like the new Xiaomi Aqara Camera Hub G2H , a camera to make your home more secure, which also lets you use it as a Hub. Thus, this model also allows you to have everything connected without any problem, being one of the most interesting camera models if you have a smart and automatic home. With incredible resolution quality, WiFi connectivity and everything you need to enjoy. Read on and you will know why it is so amazing.

Sensor for Vibration Wireless ZigBee Aqara - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €20.99

Vibration, Drop and Tilt Sensor - Wifi Zigbee - 3 Modes of Use - Different Sensitivities - Mi Home App - High Precision Gyroscope - 6 Axis Accelerometer

You want the best security in your home and we know it. At ElectroFun, we are very aware that you are looking for the best devices for the security of your home, those that offer the best guarantees and sublime quality. So we have an incredible range of sensors for home use, one of the best you can find and that fits you perfectly. We have interesting models like the new Xiaomi Aqara Vibration Sensor , an incredible vibration sensor, which will allow you to be more secure in your home and have an alarm against what may happen. Read on and you will know how!

Intelligent Bulb LED Light Warm/Cold White Aqara - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €17.99

Smart Lamp - Smart Control - Mobile Application - Programming Function - E27 Lamp - Warm White and Cold Color - Color - Adjustable Brightness

We want you to have a high quality automatic and intelligent home that perfectly suits you and what you need at the moment. And we have a SmartHome section especially for you. With items such as the new Smart Lamp Xiaomi Aqara LED Light Bulb Warm / Cold White , one of the best lamps we have in our catalog and is especially suitable for you to enjoy all the quality in your home in a way Amazing. An amazing and highly usable lamp that you will love. Come and meet her!

Wireless Water Leak Sensor ZigBee Aqara - Xiaomi

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Price €17.31

Humidity Alarm - IP67 certified - Control by App - Apple Home - Mi Home - Wifi Zigbee

We know you want maximum security in your home. You want to be safer without a problem, having everything under control without a problem. So that you can enjoy your home without humidity problems, we present a new Xiaomi sensor, the new Xiaomi Aqara Water Leak Sensor , one of the most powerful and interesting that you will find in our catalog. If you want to have your home safer and without problems, with this model, you can. Read on to find out!

Tuya Iot Interface Module - Velleman

In Stock
Price €24.67

Control your Arduino projects from anywhere in the world with a free app thanks to the Tuya IoT interface! Connect the Module of Tuya IoT Interface to your Arduino using the 4 included male wires. Then, connect your Arduino to the Cloud IoT Tuya simply by installing the Tuyav library, which is compatible with ATmega Chipsets (or AVR Platform). This will allow you to connect to the Tuya app via WiFi and allow you to control up to 5 outputs.

IoT Node WiDo Card - DFRobot

In Stock
Price €45.15

WiDo is a WIFI IoT Node development board compatible with Arduino.

Kit of Universal Relays with 16 Relays - Velleman

In Stock
Price €69.40

A Universal Relay Board Kit with 16 Relays and Connectors included! Transformer included. The 12V DC output can be used as a power supply for other kits. Each outlet can be equipped with a noise suppressor.

Sensor Card Reader 125Khz USB ID RFID

In Stock
Price €17.74

It is an easy to use Sensor ID 125Khz Card Reader. Quick to read RFID tags. Plug and play, no extra driver needed. Used in many RFID application systems, such as personnel identification, logistics, access control, conference system, anti-counterfeiting system and industrial production process control.

Xiaomi Aqara Temperature/Humidity Sensor - Xiaomi

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Price €28.29

Temperature/Humidity Sensor - Remote Control - Zigbee

The Xiaomi Aqara Temperature/Humidity Sensor can monitor temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, and can then make changes to the environment by sending a notification to your phone via the App. With the ability to combine with other smart devices, such as control gateway remote, smart output, versatile controller, etc., this sensor is able to help you create a smart home. In addition, this intelligent sensor is easy to control the change in temperature and humidity, visualizing data according to historical records.

Switch Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Mini Switch - Xiaomi

In Stock
Price €19.32

Wireless Switch - Remote Control - Zigbee

The Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Mini Switch is a wireless switch with just one button, which serves to control other smart devices through its Zigbee wireless connection. You can use it as a buzzer, remote control etc ... through the mobile phone application. Imagine touching a button and turning off all appliances in the house wherever you are from the App? Now with this Xiaomi button this action and many others are possible. It is compatible with different intelligent control sensors.

IoT Development Kit (PSRAM 2.0) - M5Stack Fire

In Stock
Price €72.35

The M5Stack FIRE Kit is an update to the Gray kits, except for the 9-axis IMU sensor. Provides more hardware features: 16M Flash + 4M PSRAM, enhanced BRISA Base (MSGO Base and M5GO CHG Base), larger battery, etc.

Smart Switch Relay 2.4GHz WiFi - Nivian Smart

In Stock
Price €13.38 Regular price €18.38

Smart Relay, WiFi 2.4 GHz IEEE802.11 b / g / n, Up to a Maximum of 10A, Compatible with TUYA Smart, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, Timer Function, Energy Saver and Environmental Protection, Remote Control from Smartphone Anytime, Anywhere, by Nivian Smart.

Intelligent Light Control Switch Aqara Wireless Remote Switch...

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Price €16.85 Regular price €19.85

Smart Switch - Dual Switch - With Wireless - Wall System

This Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Remote Switch ZigBee Dual Switch is not just any switch, because it works with smart system through its WiFi connection to the zigbee system. This WiFi connection will let you sync with your phone to control it from the Apple Homekit app for complete control of your home lights, even when not indoors. Change your traditional switches with this Aqara switch to control your home lights very simply, via your mobile phone, with voice control or simply with your fingers. Customize the lighting in your home to your liking. Have the lights go out when you go to bed and turn them on when you get home. This switch is compatible with the rest of Aqara Smart Home accessories.

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