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Bit: Command for Micro: Bit
  • Bit: Command for Micro: Bit
  • Bit: Command
  • Command for Micro: Bit

Bit: Command for Micro: Bit


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The Bit: Command is an excellent device to power the Micro: Bit card and try it.

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Bit: Command

What is Micro: Bit?

The micro: bit is a small computer that allows you to be creative with digital technology. You can program, customize and control your micro: bit from anywhere! You can even use your micro: bit in all kinds of unique creations, from robots to musical instruments and more.

Half the size of a credit card, you'll be amazed at how much hardware each card has, including 25 red LEDs that can display messages. There are two programmable buttons that can be used to control games or stop and skip songs in a playlist. The micro: bit can even detect motion and tell you which direction it is going. It also uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to interact with other devices and the Internet.

Recommended uses:
• Can be used as a command for another Micro peripheral: Bit, such as Bit: Bot;
• Can be used as a standalone (wireless) gaming console;
• Try various digital and analog inputs available, as well as speaker and NeoPixel outputs;
• Everything is already equipped: no cables or welding are required.

Connecting pins:
• Speaker: 0 Pin (*);
• Composite: 0 Pins (*);
• Joystick X: Male lead 1;
• Joystick Y: Male lead 2;
• Joystick button: Male lead 8;
• NeoPixel: 13 Pins;
• Red button: 12 Pins;
• Yellow button: 16 Pins;
• Green button: 14 Pins;
• Blue button: 15 Pins.

• 1x Edge connector for easy micro connection BBC: Bit;
• 1x ON/OFF button;
• 1x Blue power indicator;
• 6x multicolored RVB LEDs (also known as NeoPixels);
• 4x Square 12mm buttons with colored covers (red, yellow, green, blue);
• 1x Analog numbering input with Minimum, Maximum and Intermediate marking;
• 1x Analog joystick with X and Y movement and one pushbutton;
• 1x Miniature speaker.

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