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Bicycle Balance Hearts 2 in 1 Wood


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Bicycle Balance Hearts 2 in 1 Wood

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Bicycle Balance Hearts 2 in 1 Wood

The balance bike is the ideal solution for children (18m +) who are learning to ride a bike, but are still unable to maintain balance on two wheels independently. Wide wheel spacing will ensure stability, safety and comfort wherever you are. Family fun is guaranteed!

The lightweight, durable and easy-to-transport structure will work in all conditions and the foam wheels will keep the little ones from getting tired so easily. The vehicle exercises motor skills, strength and leg muscles, maintaining balance and taking care of motor coordination. Thanks to this, the child will develop more quickly.

An invaluable advantage is the 2 in 1 capacity that allows the product to be adapted to the child's age and thus prolong its use for many more years. The soft, non-slip handles with covers will protect your child's hands, and the adjustable seat height will allow you to adjust the height. It also has a rotation limiter, so that the steering wheel does not turn sharply and prevents the child from driving.

Main features:

  • Wooden bicycle
  • Steering wheel angle limiter
  • Non-slip handles with lids
  • 9 "foam wheels
  • 4-step saddle height adjustment
  • Plain bearings
  • Dual functionality (tricycle or two-wheeled bicycle)
  • Maximum load of 25 kg
  • Age range from 18 to 36 months
  • Meets European security standards


  • Width of 3 wheels • 42 cm,
  • Width of 2 wheels • 39 cm
  • Steering wheel width • 39 cm
  • Height • 46 cm
  • Seat height: 29, 31, 33, 35 cm
  • Seat height after rotating the frame: 30, 32, 34, 36 cm
  • Wheel height • 22 cm
  • Total length • 75 cm


• 1x Bicycle Balance Hearts 2 in 1 Wood

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