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Baby Twist Balance Bike WB08 Pink


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Baby Twist Balance Bike WB08 Pink

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Baby Twist Balance Bike WB08 Pink

The proposed 12-inch racing bike is a model that will work perfectly for children aged 3 to 6 years. Its main task is to help children learn to balance and prepare them to move to larger vehicles, which can ride without the side wheels. BABY TWIST is a great proposal for customers who value high quality and safe use.

Designed especially for the youngest members of the family, the BABY TWIST balance bike was equipped with 12-inch EVA foam wheels, which are durable, provide excellent cushioning and work well on various surfaces. There is also a solid steel structure that easily resists accidental impacts and damage. This solid structure ensures that each ride will be full of fun and safety.

The popularity of 12-inch balance bikes for children can, from an early age, get used to riding in two-wheeled vehicles, develop balance and practice motor coordination.


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