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Joybox Karaoke Portable Speaker with Microphone (Comic) - Biwond


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If you are not content with just listening to music and want to sing your favorite songs, JoyBox Karaoke is your perfect partner. It has the ideal dimensions to take anywhere.

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Joybox Karaoke Portable Speaker with Microphone (Comic) - Biwond

The Joybox Karaoke Player brings together all the features you were looking for in ideal dimensions to take anywhere. It has an extendable antenna and an FM radio with automatic search function, stores all your favorite stations fully automatically and enjoys sound without interference.
Joybox Karaoke allows playback from any location middle, Bluetooth, SD, MMC, AUX (3.5mm jack) and USB. Play your music or amplify the sound of your videos through the JoyBox providing the volume and quality you are looking for.

Includes two 6.35mm Jack inputs to connect two microphones at the same time and enjoy a Karaoke session. It is equipped with microphone volume adjustment to achieve professional sound!

In addition, JoyBox Karaoke can act as your guitar's amplifier, set up your acoustic concert in seconds, connect microphone and guitar directly to your JoyBox Karaoke and enjoy amplified sound.

Turn on the JoyBox, connect any device, and adjust your equalizer to your liking. Raise the bass for a more immersive sound, or highlight the treble if you prefer a more real and acoustic effect, with over 9 different modes! And don't get up if the next song doesn't start soon! With your remote control you can go to the next one, raise or lower the volume, change the equalizer mode, .... everything at your fingertips.


• Power: 10W (2x 5W);
• Frequency response: 20-20KHz;
• Amplification signal:> 80Db;
• Dimensions 10 x 11.8 x 30cm.


• JoyBox Karaoke Comic;
• 1000mAh battery (internal);
• Microphone;
• Extendable antenna;
• Power cable;
• Remote control command;
• User manual.

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