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Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver 2 in 1 with 3.5mm Adapter Jack...

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Price €14.22

A 2 in 1 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Portable, Lightweight and Wireless is an Ideal Solution. Switches Between Transmit and Receive Modes with a Simple Push of a Button. Easily Connect Using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm Audio Cable. This Transmitter Receiver Adapter can be widely used in your Computer, Laptop, Sound System, Headphones, Smartphone, Mp3 Player, CD Player, etc.

HDMI Converter - RCA Video + Audio

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Price €28.41

This Converter Converts a HDMI Signal to Video Composite RCA , 1 Video Channel and 2 Audio.

MicroHDMI Converter Male with 25cm to VGA Female + Audio Jack...

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Price €9.12

Allows you to connect devices with MicroHDMI output - tablets, DVD players, mobile phones or other HD devices, converting digital signals into analog for connection to monitors, projectors, etc... with stereo audio output.

HDMI Extender Via UTP CAT5E/6 RJ45 up to 30 Meters

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Price €11.43

With HDMI Xtender you can Extend HDMI Transmission up to 30 Meters in 1080p Resolution thanks to CAT 5E / 6 Cables, this Extender not only Breaks the HDMI Cable Distance Limit but adds CAT 5E/6 Cable Flexibility.

Adapter Cassette Kit CD-MD-MP3 with Cigarette Lighter for Car

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Price €16.75

An Adapter Cassette Kit for CD-MD-MP3 with a Cigarette Lighter for your Car.

External Adapter for Usb Sound Card 5Hv2

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Price €6.81

Easy and flexible, it can be used with desktop or laptop systems. Includes Xear 3D sound simulation software, transforming your stereo speaker or headphones in a 7.1 channel environment. No driver is required. Just connect and play audio instantly!

Cable Jack 6.35mm Male / 2-Stereo Rca Male 6 Meters - HQ-Power

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Price €16.11

Professional Audio Cable with 2 RCA to 6.35mm Stereo Jack, from HQ-Power.

Cable Jack 3.5mm Male Stereo - Jack 6.35mm Male Stereo 1.5M

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Price €3.18

Cable 3.5mm Jack Male Stereo with a Male Jack 6.35mm Stereo 1.5 Meters Long.


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Price €28.71
Conversor de áudio digital p/ Analógico


Envio em 48h úteis
Price €22.06
Conversor de áudio Analógico p/ digital
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