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Electronic Components Store

ElectroFun is a Electronics Store where you find the latest electronic components on the market and at the best price!

We have numerous references in stock and represent world-renowned brands and manufacturers. Our goal is to facilitate the online purchase of Electronic Components .

We intend to demystify and make the world of electronics known to all the curious, of all ages, who want to learn this area and make the electronic components accessible to everyone who wants to develop projects.

In addition to electronic components, we also provide educational toys, more suitable for children and young people, who want to start in electronics. These toys are perfect to be explored in a school context, or even at home with family and friends.

Robotics is also a highlight in our store. As this area is widely explored today, we have a wide range of products from initiation to robotics and even some more advanced robots with various functionalities.

Our team is composed of professionals with several years of experience and training in their respective areas. We intend to offer the best online shopping experience to our customers, with modern, innovative products and at the forefront of technology.

We also try to establish a relationship with our customers, so we have customer service, via mobile phone, email and contact through our website. This with the intention of being more than mere suppliers, but rather being the pillar for the success of our clients' projects.

ElectroFun guarantees deliveries throughout the Iberian Peninsula, with shipment in 24 / 48H. We accept several payment methods (Paypal, Credit Card, ATM, Cash and Bank Transfer) and guarantee 100% secure purchases. Shipping is free for purchases over € 49.99.

The ELECTROFUN store was created in 2015 to offer customers a variety of products related to Arduino and the Maker world. Thus, we became one of the first official distributors of Arduino . Gradually we have been developing our offer with new products in the area of ​​electronics, DIY and DIY materials, 3D printers and CNC machines.

Currently, we offer a wide range of products for home automation simple, easy to apply and fun, with the brands: Xiaomi , Nedis , Shelly , Sonoff and much more. We keep expanding our offerings with attractive solutions for everyone.

Since then, more than 30,000 people have trusted us, most of them becoming regular customers. Our target groups are manufacturers, STEM schools, robotics clubs, students and enthusiasts who need modules and sensors for their new projects. We also support companies that need components for the production of all types of electronic products.

Maker Movement

Do you love building things? Are you a Maker? Do you do home automation projects? Are you a fan of 3D printing? Then ELECTROFUN is the perfect place for you. We offer a wide collection of electronic products for hobbyists, as well as facebook group to exchange ideas and Arduino projects or find partners for your projects. See our product catalog with dozens of Categories , and Courses e Arduino tutorials , Raspberry and 3D printers through our BLOG 

See educational program offerings for schools

We are specialists in educational robotics with experience of cooperation with several schools and educational centers, from the primary level with educational toys to Universities in Portugal and in other European countries. We can help you with the material for your first robotics classes, assist you in the selection of systems, courses and products best suited to the age and level of knowledge of your students. How to introduce robotics to children, what types of classes and courses are the best to advance the knowledge of students who have already started their learning in programming.

We love to share our passion and enthusiasm in robotics and educational electronics. Ask us about any questions about educational robotics programs where we can supply products from brands like Micro: Bit , Makeblock , Raspberry Pi, Arduino and many other educational systems

Unique professional electronics offering for companies

Sensors, converters, 3D printers of all types, filaments of all categories and brands they are just examples of our wide range of professional products for companies and DIY projects.

Whether for a prototype of an innovative project, a 3D printer project, series production or any other order, we will help you with the best service and competitive prices together with an unprecedented product offering in the Portuguese and European market . Even if we do not have a product in our offer, let us know and we will try to supply it and present it in our catalog.

Welcome to ElectroFun and Bons Projetos!

The ElectroFun Team