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Shield 4 Relés V3.0 para Arduino

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Este Shield 4 Relés V3.0 é ideal para uso com placas Arduino. 

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The Relay Shield provides four high quality relay that can control high current loads to Arduino / Seeeduino boards. It also provides NO (Normally Open) / NC (Normally Closed) interface. It could be a nice solution for controlling devices that could not be directly controlled by Arduino's Digital I/Os. Standardized shield form factor enables smooth connection with Arduino and compatibles. The shield also has four LED indicators to show the on/off state of each relay.


Relays are useful in switching on/off AC appliances like fan, light, motor or high current DC actuators like solenoid valve etc...


Note: Exercise caution when dealing with AC. Get help from certified electrician.



  • Arduino/Seeeduino Shield compatible

  • Relay screw terminals

  • Working status indicators for each relay

  • High quality relays

  • Provides NO/NC interfaces


Channel1 Interface:

  • COM1 - Common pin 

  • NC1 - Normally Closed. Will be connected with COM1 when RELAY1 pin is set low and disconnected when RELAY1 is high; 

  • NO1 - Normally Open. Will be connected with COM1 when  RELAY 1 pin is set high and disconnected when RELAY1 is low; 


  • RELAY1-RELAY4 pins could be connected directly with Arduino pin number of 7-4, so that four relays could be easily controlled by the Arduino


Technical Details:

- Dimensions: 100mm x 67mm x 30mm;

Operating Voltage: 4.75V~5.25V;

Operating Current: 8~250 mA;

Switching Voltage: 250VAC/30VDC;

Switching Current: 15A/7A;

Frequency: 1Hz;

Switching Power: 70W;

Relay Life: 100,000 Cycle;

ESD contact discharge: ±4KV;

ESD air discharge: ±8.